Wapping canal footbridge to be closed for repairs from 6th October. Say what?

A sign has appeared on Wapping canal footbridge stating that the bridge will be closed for repairs from 6th October. LW only became aware of this thanks to eagle eyed reader @paulbrock who took the picture below.


There are more than a few problems with this.

First one being how are people supposed to get from one side to the other? Swim? Paddle? A bit tricky when you are taking the kids to school.

Second problem is there is no indication on the sign of how long the repairs will take. Couple of hours? A day? A week?

Third problem is that our LW Wildlife Rangers walked over the bridge on their normal patrols yesterday and saw no notices at all. Have local residents been informed of this closure?

Fourth problem – and the biggest – is that someone living in Kennet Street who needs to take their children to and from school at St. Peters every day will now be faced with a long detour either via Wapping Lane or Vaughan Way.

Has any consideration been given to a temporary crossing being installed? If not – why not?

Our local bridge being closed for three months is bad – this footbridge being closed is a disaster.


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