London Dock secondary school meeting Monday 31 Oct 6.30 pm Raines House

Just a reminder that there is a meeting regarding the proposal by Mulberry Schools Trust for the London Dock secondary school on Monday 31 Oct 6.30 pm at Raine House, Raine Street.

For the geographically challenged Raine Street is just south of 21 Wapping Lane, set back from the road on the green.

Unfortunately whatever Mulberry Schools Trust or Tower Hamlets Council have been up to since LW last wrote about this issue they have not been doing much in the way of being open or transparent or communicating with anyone in Wapping.

LW would like to congratulate @sjroshea who has been printing and distributing A5 leaflets to publicise the London Dock school issue ‘cos no-one else is. Well done Steve!

Update 08:57 31 October 2016 leaflet below.


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Turn up and have your say

As ever LW would like to point out that if you don’t attend the meeting, listen and have your say then don’t whinge when a decision is made that is not to your liking.

There again as both Mulberry Schools Trust and Tower Hamlets Council seem incapable of undertaking the very basics of publicising this issue you could hardly be blamed for not bothering.

Or maybe that is their intention?

No more information

LW has offered to help Mulberry publicise this meeting but to date, despite a reminder, has received no more information than we have previously published.

Apart from the almost secretive approach to consultation, now a Tower Hamlets tradition it seems, LW also wonders why it should be that only parents can have any formal vote in the decision? Is that even legal?

Instant Update

Our Chief Education Correspondent (North Wapping) just mentioned the above event to three parents and not one of them were aware of it. 

This is not good. 



2 thoughts on “London Dock secondary school meeting Monday 31 Oct 6.30 pm Raines House

  1. Hi Mark, I spoke to you about this a few weeks ago in the cafe but it’s worrying that you’re confusing the issue and making it sound secretive when it’s not. As I told you, it’s not a council run consultation, it’s a follow up meeting for parents in Wapping set up by Mulberry school to discuss what kind of school parents would prefer on the London Dock site IF Mulberry School gets the go-ahead to set up a school there. Parents of ‘feeder’ primary schools north of the Highway were already consulted by Mulberry last term. Regarding notification – parents with children at Wapping primary schools, St Peter’s, Hermitage and English Martyrs were given invitation letters to this meeting from Mulberry Head Dr Vanessa Ogden before half term. The Primary Head teachers (and I believe nurseries in Wapping) agreed to give the children a letter to take home to parents after school. I guess some parents unfortunately might not have read them. Dr Ogden will chair the meeting. You’re welcome to call me anytime. I’ll clarify any information where I can.

    1. From where I look at it and a lot of other people look at it the whole consultation / non-consultation regarding the school is a mess at best. All I am trying to do is make sense of a complete muddle and it is very difficult indeed. And I have still to receive a satisfactory explanation from Mulberry Schools Trust about the press release that appeared and then disappeared. And has now been completely deleted from their website.

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