Commissioners: Investigations outcomes can only look like justice denied

Despite Tower Hamlets Council being run much better now than under whatisname the four Commissioners sent in by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) are still in place and unlikely to go anywhere soon, despite the wishes of Mayor Biggs.

Below is a short extract from the DCLG Commissioners Response to Best Value Action Plan Six Month Report dated 30 September 2016. We should have the link to the Best Value Plan Six Month Report itself but we can’t find it on the Council site and so gave up after 15 minutes of fruitless searching.

Update: Apparently the Best Value Plan report can be found here under Annex A1.

Here are the Commissioners’ views on the subject of elections in Tower Hamlets (third paragraph)

“Much has come to light as a consequence of the Election Court hearing brought by private electors. However, not all those involved have had their actions fully investigated and been held to account.

We have followed the Metropolitan Police Service’s investigation closely and were disappointed to learn that, following the Election Court judgement, no new police interviews were undertaken and witness statements, although not relied on by the Court, were not followed up or reviewed.

Further the conclusions of the High Court hearing on the Judicial Review appear not to have been considered. It is also clear that, whilst the Crown Prosecution Service was involved, no file was produced for them to take a formal decision on prosecution.

To the outside world the overall outcome of the investigations can only look like justice denied and a taint still hangs over specific election outcomes.”

LW Comment

What the Commissioners said.

Note: For those who don’t know ‘disappointed to learn’ is a diplomatic way of saying ‘seriously pissed off’. Not that we would ever dream of putting words into the DCLG Commissioners mouths of course. 

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Lead DCLG Commissioners Sir Ken Knight outside his favourite place.
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