Three cars written off in Wapping High Street crash – nobody surprised

The accident Wapping has been expecting to happen has happened. At around 5pm today two white BMW cars were written-off as they were hit by a third vehicle being driven at some speed along Wapping High Street. Both BMWs belonged to Matt Melbye, owner of EA2 Estate Agents and his wife Samantha.

Matt believes that both vehicles are complete right-offs.  The vehicles were parked just outside the EA2 offices at the time of the crash.

Scene in Wapping High Street this afternoon. Arrows indicate path of third vehicle hitting the first BMW then bouncing off it across the road.

The welcoming arms of the law

“We heard a huge bang, rushed out of the office and saw three people get out of the car on the other side of the road and running off,” said Matt. “After a moment or two a fourth person emerged from the car as well and ran off round the corner – right into the arms of an off-duty police officer.”


“This problem needs properly sorting – and soon”

“Fortunately no-one was hurt this time but the problem of speeding cars in Wapping needs to be sorted properly – and soon,” said Matt.

Living in central Wapping Matt is more than familiar with the high speeds that some cars achieve on their ‘racing circuit’ around E1W.


There are unconfirmed reports that as one of the suspects ran off silver NO2 (nitrous oxide) gas canisters were falling from his pockets and that a box of unused canisters was found near the car.


Matt said that having both the EA2 company vehicles off the road at the same time would cause his business a lot of inconvenience as he and his wife Samantha use them extensively every day but the main thing was that there were no injuries.

It seems the most badly damaged BMW pictured was shunted into the second BMW, the force of the impact twisting the frames of both.




One thought on “Three cars written off in Wapping High Street crash – nobody surprised

  1. Hi all,
    Thankfully no one was hurt. It could quite easily have been a different story.
    Although we have lost 2 cars which is a little painful considering our day to day job! We are of course fully ensured and we will rely on the insurance company to tide us over until we can replace. Cars can be replaced. We are ultimately happy that there were no injuries.
    Wapping is a fantastic place. I have worked within the Wapping market for 20 years and then moved into the area, I now live and breath it. It is a tiny village within/sandwiched and on the door step of arguably the mostly highly regarded financial capitals, (I.e. City of London & Canary Wharf) of the world. This village feel is, ‘all about Wapping’, this growing trend of people that want to live here. People that take advantage of it’s accesibility to the office whilst still encompancing the parks, local public houses and restaurants that make Wapping what it is. 10 years ago it was more transit, single professionals that moved on. Now, more and more we have family’s that settle here, live here, children are schooled here. You can’t walk down the road for not bumping into someone you know through work or pleasure. This is coupled with the original Wapping residents, many found in the ‘Old Turners Star’ to this day! Making a diverse, safe and welcoming place to live.
    ‘It’s a beautiful feeling from such a small place within such a magnificent palace! ‘
    There has been of recent times an increased problem with speeding cars and the evidence on the streets of these silver ‘gas canisters’. We are not sure of more? but of course begs the question. Today’s events have arguably brought this issue further more to light.
    Although there has been by the local residents of Wapping a push with the local authorities for a greater press on this matter I would suggest more residents join in the fight for our village, our place, our homes and our security.
    Together and only together and as one do we precure this. If we combine as one then we become a number, a huge number. A number that cannot be frought, a number that cannot be outnumbered or displaced. We become a force that cannot be ignored or be over run. A force that can change the wind of tides.
    Please reply to this post with your support so that we may help our village and the lives of us and our respective friends and family’s.

    Kind regards,
    Matthew Melbye
    ea2 estate agency

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