Residents of Wapping – is silver BMW YJ 63 HTX parked in your street?

Morning! Have a look out of your window and see if there is a silver BMW YJ63 HTX, a hatchback, parked in your street will you please? It’s this one shown parked in Reardon Street this morning:

Silver BMW YJ 63 HTX

The reason LW wants to know is this morning we spent an hour watching this vehicle being driven around Tench Street / Green Bank / Wapping Lane in a dangerous manner at speed.

Occasionally the vehicle would stop so the driver could inhale laughing gas (nitrous oxide) from a balloon before driving off again, wheels spinning, sliding round corners. The bin men saw it doing 50mph over the pedestrian crossing up Wapping Lane past the shops.

To the right of the vehicle in the photo above you can see various gas canisters that the driver threw onto the ground before driving off again.

“Call us when it is parked”

We called the police 999 number three times to no result. At one point we were advised to ‘call us when it is parked as we cannot chase it’.  On more than one occasion we were given this advice as we watch the car speed towards us.

Huh? Would this be before or after it killed or injured a family out for a Saturday walk?

Good thing is that about 20 seconds after taking the photograph above the driver of the vehicle reversed out into Green Bank and LW recognised him. And told him so in no uncertain manner.

Even better we know where he lives (or used to live but that’s good enough).

LW was advised to ring 101 when we knew the address.

We went and found the address and rang 101 to inform the police.

101 was busy.

So we have been walking round Wapping checking the streets and car parks for this vehicle. Could you have a look too please?

Silver BMW YJ63 HTX

Can you help us all find this vehicle and hopefully provide the driver with an opportunity to chat to some police officers in person please?

So if you see silver BMW YJ63 HTX today call 101 and tell us by tweet @lovewapping or email

For various reasons we think this vehicle is probably somewhere in central Wapping, possibly Prusom Street area.

Many thanks to the officers of the MPS Tower Hamlets patrol vehicle we stopped and had a chat to. They were, as all the officers on the ground are, very good indeed.

It seems to be all the nonsense between residents and the officers doing the job that is the problem. And completely at odds with what the new Borough Commander was telling the council on Thursday evening. 

Whatever. Let’s just find this car and ruin the drivers day. It seems only fair.

More later…


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