Gotcha! Boy racer’s silver BMW found in Wapping (where else?)

It’s nice when a plan comes together. After huge frustration this morning trying to get the police to stop a boy racer from speeding around Wapping while off his head on nitrous oxide our Wildlife Rangers have managed to find the silver BMW.

Look what we found.
  • We also know the driver by sight. He lives in Wapping.
  • We also know the previous address of the driver.
  • We also know that his description matches that of a person who racially abused a resident some weeks back.
  • We also have gathered some of the silver gas canisters the driver dumped into the road (not that anything will be done with them but hey, whatyagonnado?).

All of the above information (with more details that we will not be publishing) have been passed to the police with the reference numbers of each incident that was reported to the police.

Which has taken around four hours. But we had nothing better to do anyway so here is some of the back story.

Our Wildlife Rangers first spotted the silver BMW this morning at just after 8am and assumed from the speed of the car down Tench Street and into Green Bank that he was late for work.

Then two minutes later the car came round the same route driving at the same high speed.

Then again.

And again. Get the picture? In case you haven’t here is one we took for you.

How not to drive in Wapping, tyres screeching around a corner.

The photo above cannot illustrate the speed or the squeal of the tyres as the car just managed to turn into Green Bank just by the Turks Head Cafe.

We also do not have a photo showing the driver with a balloon to his face as he drove. Maybe he was going to a birthday party with jelly and ice cream?


We do have this photo showing the silver canisters of laughing gas thrown onto the ground in Reardon Path. The same thing was done in Green Bank while the vehicle was revved furiously and erratically.

Clear risk to life

Our Rangers do what they have been told to by the police and always dial 101 when they see ASB but this time they dialled 999 for the simple reason that the speed and manner in which the vehicle was being driven was a clear risk to life.

From Green Bank the car was driven furiously towards Wapping Lane with no consideration for anyone else, reaching speeds of 50mph.

Apart from tweeting (never a good response to an emergency but we were desperate) LW’s Rangers eventually resorted to warning people whenever they saw them to look out for the car.

Here are the calls the Rangers made to the police this morning.

  • 999 at 07:43 hrs initial call, informed by operator it was Level 2 response (whatever that is but probably good).
  • 999 at 08:00 hrs follow up call, again good response from emergency operator.
  • 999 at 08:39 hrs after nearly an hour of watching the car circle round another call to an operator who was useless. Maybe he thought he was answering the customer service phone at Hamley’s toy shop. The low point of this call was when it was suggested to LW by the operator that ‘we cannot chase the vehicle but next time it stops ring us again on 101’. This was accompanied by being asked if we knew the address of the driver. WTF?  Registration number? Supplied nearly an hour ago? Police National Computer?
  • 101 at 08:57 hrs This call was when we had spotted the car parked and as we were making the call recognised the driver – as he drove off.
  • 101 at 21.30 hrs 101 busy. No reply.
  • 101 at 22.26 hrs Found the suspect’s flat, found the car, gave all details to operator, told division officers will follow it up.

The above list does not convey the sense of frustration and impotence we felt as we could do nothing but watch as this vehicle flashed past us, the only indication that no-one had been yet injured or worse that the vehicle came round again.

LW is also baffled how anyone let anywhere near a MPS phone cannot work out from the clear and accurate details provided to them that this vehicle presented a clear risk to life.

If LW had rung 101 initially we would probably have been told the service was busy and that the MPS ‘hoped to answer all calls within five minutes’.

As it was it would seem that the ‘boy racer’ only stopped when he realised he had been recognised by LW’s Rangers (wish we had a photo of the look on his face!) and was in severe trouble.

Shortly after, pausing only for refreshments of a triple-shot cappuccino nature, LW wandered off around Wapping to see if the car could be spotted again.

Crossing Wapping Lane LW noticed a person similar to the driver but now wearing a baseball cap, grey hoodie and tracksuit type trousers instead of the white t-shirt he had been seen wearing before. And seeming quite shy.

From a previous career LW knew that the default clothing for someone of room temperature IQ – or off their head on drugs – trying to disguise themselves in public is a baseball cap and hoodie. Oops.

This person, if indeed it was the person we sought, was walking from the direction of Prusom Street towards Green Bank.

Hmmm… Maybe?

For the next hour the Wildlife Rangers performed a systematic search of every street and car park around Prusom Street. And found the car in question very badly parked in a resident’s bay behind Clave Street.

Silver BMW can just be seen right of blue garage door.

This was within a few metres of where a recycling bin was set alight the day before and, of course, the street was littered with gas canisters. Pure coincidence no doubt.

Now LW has no reason to believe that any of the good people living in Clave Street or Cinnamon Street have anything to do with this car.

But if anyone does then you might want to talk to the police before they talk to you. We will of course be checking to see if the car is still there during the day.

And the driver? We do not think he is far away.



Update 19:27 03 September 2016


Well the silver BMW is no longer where it was parked / dumped earlier today although an empty gas canister box has been left as a calling card. Wonder where it will be next seen.

File 03-09-2016, 19 18 54

Meanwhile our old friend DS54 DUU has been parked for the last hour outside St. Patricks church in Green Bank. Almost exactly where it was a few days ago.

The usual whooshing sounds are a give away to what it’s occupants are up to and since this photo was taken the pavement has been littered with McDonalds wrappers etc.

Any guesses as to how many used nitrous oxide canisters will be found on the street later?

File 03-09-2016, 19 19 44


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  1. Good work… Wapping is plagued by drug and car problems! Police in my experience not been very useful… Although they manage to have a van of police officers sat doing nothing for a social event at the navy reservists… I called 999 for someone dealing drugs and despite few calls no one attended…

  2. Any facilities for letting insurance companies know of bad boy drivers? Would be one way of getting them off the road. Nice car for a balloon head.

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