Golds increases pressure on Met Police to explain corruption inaction

Cllr. Peter Golds has written to the Metropolitan Police to ask for a meeting with the electoral petitioners and key stake holders to explain why they were not asked to provide evidence in the recent Met “investigation” into corruption in Tower Hamlets.

His letter comes hard on the heels of the publication of ‘Securing the Ballot’ the report by Sir Eric Pickles in which Sir Eric said “Following the Tower Hamlets election court case, it is astonishing that no criminal prosecution has been brought by the Metropolitan Police.”


Cllr. Golds, Leader of the Conservative Group on Tower Hamlets Council, sent his 84 page letter to  the MPS Assistant Commissioner for Professionalism, Helen King asking her to meet with the successful Tower Hamlets petitioners and their key supporters to explain why few if any were interviewed by the police and invited to provide relevant material and statements which would have assisted in similar evidence that was used in the successful prosecutions of the electoral fraudsters in Slough and Woking.

Cllr. Golds is also asking the MPS  to explain as to why the “thin file” sent to the crown prosecution service did not cover the bribery and general corruption revealed in the election court.

“Since publication of the report by Sir Eric Pickles there has been enormous criticism of the MPS over the failure to properly investigate election fraud. This criticism will not abate if the current inertia continues,” said Cllr. Golds.

“Sadly, it is not only election fraud that the police seem unwilling to investigate and prosecute for wrongdoing within Tower Hamlets. The scandal of the council youth service and two other matters which may be sub judice show a similar inclination not to act even when the evidence is available.”

“There are people with substantial amounts of evidence with which the MPS would be able to secure convictions on Misconduct in Public Office (Bribery, perjury and corruption and Conspiracy to Defraud the Returning Officer (False return of election expenses and false registration).”

“There is also the matter of Lutfur Rahman’s fraudulent mortgage applications and his failure to declare rental income to HMRC. As noted above a full dossier was sent to the Commissioner in February, and is copied to the MPS. It is not hearsay. It is also grounds for prosecution.”  

” Those who seek to undermine our democracy should be bought to justice. Until they are, the MPS will not be able to claim that it values the democratic freedoms of this country.”  

You can download a copy of the full letter here (PDF 3.4mb)


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