Tower Hamlets Council’s Community Buildings Consultation underway

Is there a council owned building near you that you think could be used in a better way for the benefit of your community? The Council’s new Community Buildings Consultation initiative could be the way to turn your ideas into reality for the benefit of everyone.

Local people (that’s you) are being asked for your views on new ways of using existing council buildings.

Using what we have in a better way

At the moment these buildings might be home to a tenants and residents associations, charity or community association but they are not being used enough or could be used in a better way.

Here’s a map of the buildings and at the bottom of the page is a list of them all. Click on the lovely little Google Maps icons to find out more about each building.

Unsurprisingly the Mayor has more than a few words to say about all this. Over to you Mr Mayor!

Executive Mayor John Biggs

“The voluntary and community sector has a proud history in our borough and is vitally important. To ensure that role is protected into the future we’ve been reviewing our community buildings to ensure we continue to offer high quality community space for as many groups as possible’” says Mayor Biggs. “Currently we know that some of our buildings have been under-used and under occupied and aren’t offering the best services to local people and community groups.

It’s a hub thing

“Our proposal would see a number of community hubs developed offering high quality, versatile, multi-use spaces managed by the council. We want the hubs to be at the heart of local communities, accessible to everyone who wants to use them. The hubs will accommodate a vast range of groups and different activities.

“We’ll also be looking at making the arrangements with existing building users more consistent, transparent and fair, including the option of offering rental discounts for voluntary groups who provide services which benefit the local community.

“We think this is the best approach, but we want to hear from local people and those who run or use existing services to understand what they think.”

The consultation on community buildings is live right now and will run until 18 September 2016.

Your views will then be considered by the Mayor and elected members at a cabinet meeting in early October apparently.

THF – don’t bother

Word is that if you are remotely connected to Tower Hamlets First it’s probably not worth applying.

Which is just tough.

Property Address 1 Address 2 Post Code Property Type Comments
Harkness House Education Group Harkness House 101 Christian Street E1 1RX Community Hall None
Dorset Social Club First Floor, Dorset Estate Social Club Ravenscroft Street E2 7QX Community Hall None
Fern Street Settlement Fern Street E3 3PS Community Hall None
Dorset Library Ground Floor, Former Dorset Library Diss Street E2 0FB Community Hall None
St Vincents TRA Portacabins Gill Street E14 8AN Community Hall None
Trinity Centre Key Close E1 4GH Community Hall None
St Mathias Meeting Room 92 Cottage Street E14 0AA Community Hall None
Stifford Centre 2-6 Cressy Place E1 3JG Community Hall None
23a Solander Gardens 23a Solander Gardens E1 0DN Community Hall None
John Scurr CC 1a Bekesbourne Street E14 7JQ Community Hall None
Granby Hall 37 St Matthews Row E2 6DT Community Hall None
Delafield House Christian Street E1 1QB Community Hall None
Barley Mow Veterans Club 40 Three Colt Street E14 8HU Community Hall None
Bishops Way 73 Bishops Way E2 9HF Community Hall None
Teviot Hall 156 St. Leonard’s Road E14 0QZ Community Hall None
Wapping Community Centre 21 Raine Street E1W 3RJ Community Hall None
Christian Street Community Centre Christian Street E1 1SE Community Hall None
135 Commercial Street 135 Commercial Street E1 6BJ Community Hall None
Mellish Street 111-113 Mellish Street E14 8PJ Community Hall None
Highway Club 2 Lowood Street E1 0DA Community Hall None
Osmani Centre 58 Underwood Road E1 5AD Community Hall None
Redcoat Community Centre 256 Stepney Way E1 3DW Community Hall None
Ensign Youth Club 1 Wellclose Square E1 8HY Community Hall None
Prusom Street Community Centre 19 Prusom Street E1W 3RR Community Hall None
100 Roman Road 100 Roman Road E2 0RN Community Hall None
Caxton Hall Malmesbury Road E3 2EE Community Hall None
Turners Road Community Centre Land to rear of 40 Turner Road E3 4LE Community Hall None
Emmott Close Senior Citizens Club 27 Emmott Close Solebay Street E1 4QN Community Hall None
Wapping Youth Centre 1st & 2nd 1st and 2nd Floor, Wapping Youth Centre Tench Street E1W Community Hall None
The Tramshed Digby Street E2 0LS Community Hall Managed by Council
Chicksand Playgroup Chicksand Friendly Club Hanbury Street E1 5JY Playgroup None
Matilda Day Nursery St Katharines Way E1W 1LQ Playgroup None
Mile End Nursery 8C Morgan Street E3 5AB Playgroup None
Ranwell East Playgroup 1 McCullum Road E3 5HZ Playgroup None
Tate House Playgroup Mace Street E2 0RA Playgroup None
Cheadle Hall Playgroup Copenhagen Place E14 7EY Playgroup None
Avebury Playgroup Roberta Street E2 6AW Playgroup None
Wapping Women Centre Philchurch Place E1 1PJ Playgroup None
Vernon Playgroup Vernon Road E3 Playgroup None
Scallywags Day Nursery The Canal Club Sewardstone Road E2 9HP Playgroup None
TRA Sims House Sims House Centre 420A Commercial Road E1 0LQ THH-occupied May include other use such as occasional TRA meetings
Mayfield TRA Mayfield House First Floor Meeting Room Cambridge Heath Road E2 9LG THH-occupied May include other use such as occasional TRA meetings
TRA Pauline House Old Montague Street London E1 5NX THH-occupied May include other use such as occasional TRA meetings
TRA Ramar House 3A Ramar House Hanbury Street E1 5JH THH-occupied May include other use such as occasional TRA meetings
Wyn Garrett Tenant Centre Raynham House Harpley Square E1 4EB THH-occupied May include other use such as occasional TRA meetings
TRA Alliston house Gibraltar Walk E2 7EP THH-occupied May include other use such as occasional TRA meetings
TRA Burnham Street Community Centre Globe Road E2 0JG THH-occupied May include other use such as occasional TRA meetings
TRA Clichy 4 Odette Duval House Stepney Way E1 3HJ THH-occupied May include other use such as occasional TRA meetings
TRA Anglia house 66 Salmon Lane E14 7PW THH-occupied May include other use such as occasional TRA meetings
Shadwell Gardens TRA Shadwell Community Centre 129 Shadwell Gardens E1 2QL TRA None
Locksley Community Centre Dora Hall Dora Street E14 7TP TRA None
Ocean Estate TRA Anson House Forecourt Ernest Street E1 4SE TRA None
Sidney Estate 2 Jarman House Jubilee Street E1 3BL TRA None
Berner Community Centre Ponler Street E1 1QN TRA None
The Glasshouse 161 Old Ford Road E2 9QB TRA None
Kedleston Walk Kedleston Walk E2 9DR TRA None
Longnor Community Centre Bradwell Street E1 4GP TRA None
Barley Mow TRA Brewster House Three Colt Street E14 8HU TRA None
Bentworth Friendship Club 80 Granby Street E2 6DW TRA None
Birchfield Senior Citizens Club 50 Saltwell Street E14 0DY TRA None
Collingwood Community Hall Collingwood Street E1 5RF TRA None
Cranbrook Community Centre Mace Street E2 0QT TRA None
Ogilvie Community Centre 1 Stepney Causeway E1 0JP TRA None
Royal Mint Friendly Club 14 Royal Mint Place E1 8LS TRA None
Dunmore Point Community Hall Gascoigne Place E2 7NP TRA None
Will Crooks Community Centre 1-3 Wades Place E14 0DA TRA None
Watney Market TRA Colstead House 14 Watney Market E1 2QY Vacant None
Bethnal Green Cottage Whitman House Cornwall Avenue E2 0HD Vacant None
Robin Hood Gardens TRA Block 1 – 104 Woolmore Street E14 0HN Vacant None
9b Burslem Street 9b Burslem Street E1 2LL Vacant None
Cable Street Senior Citizen Club Rear of 135 -157 Solander Gardens E1 0DE Vacant None
Tower Hamlets Leaseholders 6 Watney Market E1 2PR Vacant None
Robin Hood Project Shop Youth Training Centre Woolmore Street E14 0HW Vacant None
Frostic Walk Community Centre 13 Frostic Walk E1 5LT Vacant None

All this makes a refreshing change from the previous Mayor Who Never Was – seems he just handed buildings out to his mates. That’s the rumour anyway.

Photo: Stephen Richards [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Poplar Town Hall – not on the list. Disposed of by previous Mayor.

To tell the council about your bright idea, click over to the council site here or email to request a hard copy of the consultation questions.

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