Appeal to help our Italian friends struggling with the earthquake

As all of us are now aware a devastating 6.2- magnitude earthquake struck central Italy in the early hours of Wednesday 24 August and has caused immense destruction and significant loss of life.

It was only this morning that LW was informed that some of our Italian friends and neighbours have family in the region and have flown home from Wapping to help.

Survivors need access to emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine in addition to longer term recovery assistance.

The photo below of Amatrice, one of the towns to be worst affected, gives some idea of the scale of destruction but nothing can describe the sheer terror of being caught in an earthquake.

Here are links to some of the appeals for help which we hope you will contribute to:

Teymour on Twitter To give you a sense of the destructive power of this earthquake ItalyEarthquake https 8Lv9y5I1rQ
Image Copyright @Teymour_Ashkan

If you are reading this in central Italy the authorities are asking residents to disable their Wi-Fi passwords to give relief workers more reliable access to communication.

If you are reading this in Wapping be thankful for the benign nature of our environment.