Biggs: “THF’s mockery of electoral system clearly a criminal act “

Mayor John Biggs has issued a press release commenting on the ‘Securing the ballot’ report by Sir Eric Pickles and makes his feelings about Tower Hamlets First (THF) very clear indeed.

”Ultimately electoral fraud is a crime which affects everyone and I welcome any action which helps to crack down on those who set out to cheat our democracy, ” says Biggs.

Current Mayor of Tower Hamlets
The current Mayor of Tower Hamlets…

Clearly a criminal act

“Tower Hamlets First’s mockery of the electoral system was clearly a criminal act* as this report recognises. What concerns me most is that under the current perverse rules not only was nobody prosecuted, many of the candidates who benefitted from Lutfur Rahman’s corrupt practices have faced no action and remain councillors.

“In Tower Hamlets we have made significant changes to tighten up our electoral systems since 2014, I’m glad to see this report recognising that good practice and recommending many of those changes be adopted more widely.

“Finally I want to pay tribute to the four members of the public who risked everything to challenge the corrupt 2014 mayoral election result. As this report recognises it is a very complex, lengthy and personally expensive process to fight an election petition and there should clearly be better safeguards to protect and support people who have legitimate evidence of fraud and wrongdoing.”

*Note to Metropolitan Police – that means it was illegal. 

…the previous Mayor of Tower Hamlets.
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