Willoughby House stink gets right up Tricia’s nose – updated

Update 21 July 2016 – Seems the stench coming from the rubbish chutes at Willoughby House is just as bad as it was when LW reported it the other week. (see original story below).

Seems the Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) contractors who turned up as if by magic only a few hours after our original post promised to come back on the Friday and clean the bins properly.

In the meantime they poured disinfectant down the rubbish chutes – but have still to return to finish the job properly.

With the recent extremely high temperatures the smell from the uncleaned bins plus the smell from the detergent is now spreading to every flat in Willoughby House.

This morning several residents rang Tower Hamlets Homes to report the problem yet again. 

LW wonders how many other THH residents across the borough are suffering from the same problem?

Update update 16:58hrs – This from THH.

Our caretakers have been working today(21/7) at Willoughby House to reduce the smell .  In addition, we’re also working with a contractor on a potential long-term solution (using new, specialist equipment to wash the bins across our estates, and jet washing all of our chutes too).”

Tower Hamlets Homes residents in Willoughby House, Green Bank, are raising a stink about the stench coming from their rubbish chutes.

Tricia Burns, who lives on the top floor of Willoughby House, says that the smell coming from the chute right outside her front window is now too much to bear.

The expression on Tricia’s face speaks volumes as she opens the stinking rubbish chute.

“Last year my 70 year old dad had to get a power washer and clean the chute because of the stink,” says Tricia. “This year I have rung Tower Hamlets Homes twice to get someone along to clean it and both times they have said someone will be along in five days.”

Tricia is still waiting for someone from Tower Hamlets Homes to turn up.

To make matters worse the chute itself is broken.

The opening to the rubbish chute is broken too which probably makes matters worse.

For those who are not lucky enough to live on the wonderful 1930’s built Green Bank estate (most of you come to think of it) there is a rubbish chute on each landing which empties down into the large communal bins on the ground floor.

The smell outside the ground floor flats next to the bins is pretty bad too, with the warmer weather making matters worse.

On a lot of estates in London a stinking rubbish chute would not be unusual, but the Tower Hamlets Homes porters do such a fantastic job of looking after Willoughby and other nearby blocks that a problem like this stands out a mile.

Willoughby House, Green Bank, E1W

Update 17:06 hrs 12 July 2016

Response from Tower Hamlets Homes.

We were sorry to hear about Tricia’s experience, and our support team has responded this afternoon (12/7) by jet washing the bin rooms, and our contractors have unblocked the chute – which was the source of the problem.”


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