Surprise Chinese takeover of Tower Hamlets Youth Clubs

The ripples caused by the investigations of the unusual goings-on of the borough’s Youth Services under Rahman mean that only eight Youth Club ‘Hubs’ will remain open. As time will tell the Rahman era Youth Clubs will be revealed to be at the centre of numerous activities, and we do not mean ping-pong, hiking and five-a-side football.

One of the ways to stamp out this Rahman’s corrupt practise is by shutting down the centres. Simples.

LW had heard that Wapping Youth Centre was to become a hub but also wanted to know which other clubs were now hubs. Or hub clubs. Or club hubs? Cubs?

Tench Street Youth Club

The high quality poster above was found outside Tench Street Youth Club.

Nice clip art.

Although our editorial team should know better they actually went to the Tower Hamlets Council website to find out if there was just a simple list of the remaining clubs and found this page with these words and a link:

Youth clubs

For information on youth clubs and services visit Tower Hamlets Council’s Youth Support Service website on

We clicked the link. And this is what we found.


If any of our Chinese readership would care to translate please let us know which of the above refers to the new Youth Clubs. Or maybe not.

Update 18 July 2016

Apparently the above reads:

This is a site for hiring advertising space.

The left one says “You have 1 new email”

Second one is an advert for glasses

The fourth one is a dating advert.

Thanks to David and friend for the translation.

So if anyone does know which Youth Clubs are hubs, which are chubs, which are now the property of the Chinese Government Overseas Investment Fund – please let us know.


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