Met Police continues to deny reality of corruption under Lutfur Rahman

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) still seems incapable – or unwilling – to grasp the nettle that is extensive and systematic electoral crime in Tower Hamlets.

“Ghastly” is the word used by Cllr. Peter Golds, leader of the Conservative Group at Tower Hamlets Council, to describe a meeting with the MPS at the Town Hall on Tuesday 26th July to tell Cllr. Golds and others what the Met has actually done about electoral crime in the borough.

In response to the inadequate substance of the meeting Cllr. Golds has now challenged the Met to meet the electoral petitioners and interested parties and answer their questions.

That should be interesting. Although as ‘interested parties’ would technically include every honest voter in Tower Hamlets they might need a quite big room.

Cllr. Peter Golds telling it as it is.

‘Confidential setting’

It is understood that following a meeting with our MP Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour, Poplar and Limehouse) the Met agreed that Assistant Commissioner Helen King would give a briefing in a ‘confidential setting’ regarding its own actions and those of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to Cllr. Golds and other senior stakeholders.

Assistant Commissioner Helen King
MPS Assistant Commissioner Helen King

Part of this briefing would be to explain why “the significant work that has been done investigating these complex issues is not widely known or understood.”

Must have been a very short briefing as it only takes a moment to admit to doing not a damn thing.

To be fair it may have taken longer to explain why it seems that the Met did not send any report regarding the systematic bribery and corruption in Tower Hamlets to the CPS.

A small file only referencing some of the lesser individual electoral irregularities that emerged was sent to the CPS.

If correct this would explain the official statement the Met was forced to issue (Shame of Metropolitan Police as it fails Tower Hamlets) which stated in part that ““After full consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service a decision has been made that there is insufficient evidence that criminal offences had been committed.”

There might have been a ‘full consultation’ between the Met and the CPS, but only regarding lesser alleged crimes. The fundamentally import issues of systematic electoral fraud undertaken on an industrial scale seems to have been dodged.

LW sent various emails to the Met Special Enquiry team and received no reply. This would seem to reflect the experience of many other witnesses who came forward and were ignored.

If you did try to help the police but were ignored or received an unsatisfactory response please get in touch with LW and let us know your experiences. 

The wacky world of Tower Hamlets politics

Although it might seem pushing the bounds of credibility that a comprehensive case file was not submitted by the Met to the CPS in the wonderful wacky world that is Tower Hamlets politics it would seem to be quite normal.

Maybe it is cos we is common, innit?

Ignoring the Met’s desire to keep the details of their investigations into Tower Hamlets electoral corruption confidential Cllr. Golds has published the email from Assistant Commissioner King and his response to the Town Hall meeting, this is reproduced below.

Email from Cllr. Peter Golds to Assistant Commissioner (AC) Helen King

“Dear AC King

I am writing following on from the less than satisfactory meeting that you called yesterday.

I am in the process of drafting three letters.

Unsurprisingly the first will be to you be in response to the woeful performance of the MET over the past decade in dealing with electoral malpractice. In this I will outline what has gone wrong and where by MPS inaction it is likely to go wrong in the future.

Secondly I am writing to the CPS; not least as it appears that the MPS did not send any report regarding the bribery and corruption in Tower Hamlets as outlined by Commissioner Mawrey and condemned in no uncertain terms by Lord Justice Lloyd Jones in Rahman’s failed Judicial Review to the CPS. Misconduct in Public Office is not time limited.

Thirdly this is a public matter. I do NOT regard any of this as confidential. The public have a right to free and fair elections. The MPS have repeatedly failed to ensure that right in Tower Hamlets. I am therefore publicly inviting you and your team to meet the petitioners, who risked their livliehoods and reputations to try and sort out, what the MPS were failing to do.

Since the petition they have been ignored by your organisation. Despite what you say in your email below, I understand fully the scale of the problem and yesterday proved once again how little has been done to deal with it. I will therefore be making the request that you meet the petitioners and the key players involved in the petition the subject of an open letter which I am sending to the media and publicise in Tower Hamlets.

We have less than two years to the 2018 elections. I wish to ensure, that 2018 is NOT a repeat of 2014. To achieve this then the MPS need to understand that they are expected to enforce the law, not shield the law breakers.

I will be formally submitting an FOI request for details of the letter that your officer claims was sent by Commissioner Mawrey.

Councillor Peter Golds”

Email from Assistant Commissioner (AC) Helen King to Cllr. Peter Golds

“Following a meeting with Jim Fitzpatrick, MP, I have decided, with the support of the Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan Howe, to invite you to a briefing regarding the actions taken by the Metropolitan Police Service and Crown Prosecution Service in relation to Election fraud allegations and the management of elections in Tower Hamlets.

I am aware that the significant work that has been done investigating these complex issues is not widely known or understood.

As a key stakeholder, I would want you to have the opportunity to be briefed in a confidential setting, where we can do our best to respond to address any ongoing concerns and reflect on appropriate joint arrangements for the future.

Nick Vamos, Head of Special Crime in the CPS, has been kind enough to agree to attend the briefing to speak on the role of the CPS.

I will bring with me officers from our Special Enquiries Team and a member of the Borough Senior Leader Team

I would propose that the briefing takes place in the Town Hall, Mulberry Place. You will understand that this is a personal invitation that cannot be extended to substitutions.

I look forward to meeting you on the day.

Yours sincerely

Helen King”

LW would not be at all surprised to learn that the Met are doing absolutely nothing regarding the activities of the council Youth Services under Rahman (PREVENT linked Youth Service scandal in Tower Hamlets) despite their being a reported 75 different internal  investigations under way.

Following the precedent set by the four electoral petitioners who had to seek justice by themselves with no support from the police or government LW intends to publish details of exactly what Youth Services got up to under the previous Mayor in an attempt to stir the authorities to action.

Keep reading LW. Someone has to.

So that the proper context of what Youth Services have allegedly been up to the Wapping Mole recommends you read How fundamental Islamists hijacked the East End of London Part 1  and subsequent articles.

It will all make sense eventually. Honest.


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