The Killer Coots of Limehouse

The coots (Fulica atra) we see on the water in and around Wapping and the Thames are lovely, fluffy and ruthless killers.

The series of photographs below show how a pair of coots attack another lone coot when it encroached on their territory at Limehouse Marina.

All three coots were inside the lock entrance to marina and for 30 minutes the lone coot was repeatedly attacked by the pair.

Warning: If you are squeamish you might not want to look at these photographs.

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After watching this spectacle for some time it became apparent to our Wildlife Documentary Team that the coot was intentionally playing dead to allow it time to recover.

This only became apparent when air bubbles began to emerge from a previously lifeless body.

The resilience of this animal was astounding.

Even more so when you consider that the above photographs are an edited selection – the coot survived many more attacks than those shown.




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