Darren and Titus come to the rescue of Willoughby House residents

Tricia Burns has finally lost patience with Tower Hamlets Homes and asked some friends to help her get the stinking rubbish chutes of Willoughby House cleaned.

Getting to grips with the rubbish chute problem.

The other week we reported on the problem Tricia and her neighbours had problem and how it seemed impossible to get Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) to clean the rubbish chutes and bins.

THH responded to the LW story very quickly but the basic problem still remained – the smell in the flats in Willoughby was still so bad that it was causing a lot of residents acute discomfort.

This morning Tricia finally lost patience and ask her friend Darren Breen and Titus from Prime Construction to help her out with their jet washer. Darren is site manager and Titus is his handyman who are both working on the Red Lion Court development next door.

No sooner said than done! Darren and Titus were on the case within minutes.

Darren and Titus get to work outside Tricia’s flat.

When the LW Stinking Rubbish Chute Team (Extra Smelly Division) turned up to take some photos everything was under control.

Darren and Titus first gave the bottom of the rubbish chute a good blasting of water then carried their jet washer right up to the top floor and cleaned from there.

Lugging the jet washer upstairs

Next step was to get some good old cleaner in there to get everything really clean.

Tricia’s mum watches as Darren gets stuck in.

And for those of you who have ever wondered what gets stuck to the very bottom of a communal rubbish bin – this photo is for you!


As LW left the two good Samaritans were still at work.

Good to know that there are still people like Darren and Titus who are willing and able to help get the job done.

Many thanks to them from all in Willoughby House.

No idea how much the people who are supposed to do the job that the guys did for Tricia charge – maybe they could pay an appropriate amount back?

As for Tricia she is more than pleased and has promised to make Titus and Darren a nice dinner by way of thanks.

Tricia’s expression tells the story of the original problem


Wapping Heroes

Love Wapping is only too pleased to officially declare Darren and Titus of Prime Construction to be Wapping Local Heroes!



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