Adrian Johnston zooms past Wapping raising funds for charity

Anyone who is sensible spends early Sunday mornings either asleep, considering being asleep or wishing they were still asleep – except Adrian Johnston of Get the Edge who got up at some ridiculous time to cycle the Prudential Ride London 100 to raise funds for local charity Community Solutions.

Get the Edge is a training, coaching and personal development company, which explains why Adrian was motivated to get up so early.

Adrian Johnston with a smile on his face despite – because? – he only has another 95 miles to go.

Legend has it that Adrian’s training regime consists of the occasional quiet drink in a local Wapping cafe. Tough stuff, but someone has to do it I suppose.


Adrian’s supporters from Community Solutions and daughter Charlotte were up bright and early (well, early) on The Highway to wish him well and show off their spelling abilities with this lovingly crafted homemade sign.

Adrian’s supporters show off the reeding, rooting and spuuling skills to the wurld.

But hey it’s the thought that counts.

Also it seems there was actually one person called Adian – lucky him!

Well done Adian Adrian, he is due back in Wapping this afternoon after his brief 100 mile ride out to Surrey and back and will be in the Turks Head Cafe around 2.30 – 3.30 if you should want to marvel at his capacity for, well, just being a pretty amazing guy!

And you can dig deep into your wallet and donate some cash via JustGiving.



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