Wapping residents reaction to EU Referendum result

“Five years of grinding uncertainty”

“The first day of history”

“So which banks are leaving?”

“We all voted Remain. Our eldest son was voting for the first time and feels that the future of his generation has been sold out by the older generation”

“It’s a bloodbath [referring to markets]”

“Anyone voting to leave should not be asking for any benefits for at least the next ten years as they have done this to us”

“It reflects the continually divisive nature of our society”

“I am always happy, even if, even if this morning!”

“It is very pity.”

“Well, you never know, it might perk up.”

“My daughter,16, and friends were talking tonight about the ‘old’ people who have ruined their futures. It’s very sad.”

“I really can’t express how gutted I feel. For myself, for my European friends, for the teenagers who are so angry and disillusioned with voting.”

And this from Mayor Khan:

Khan comments