Tower Hamlets Council in emergency appeal for EU Referendum counters

Tower Hamlets Council has this afternoon sent an urgent email to all its staff in an desperate appeal for ballot counters to work on the EU Referendum ballot taking place across the UK today due to a lack of staff.

The email asked for volunteers to turn up between 18.00 and 22.00 this evening to count the electoral ballots due to a lack of staff.

It’s Groundhog Day in Tower Hamlets folks!

Severe overnight rain in the south-east has stopped a significant number of counting staff from turning up for their duties and so the Council has had to resort to the emergency email.

Groundhog Day

After the debacle of the May 2014 Tower Hamlets count of mayoral, local and European elections that took a record six days an Electoral Commission report decided found that the count was ‘poorly resourced’ and ‘badly organised’.

Rumours that the bookies have already started taking bets on when the Tower Hamlets EU Referendum count will be returned are unconfirmed at this time.

Update 20.07 hours 23 June 2016

A Tower Hamlets Council spokesperson said: “Due to several Tube and rail stations being closed today, many staff found it difficult to get into work this morning and as a result we had to field our reserve officers to our polling stations.  As a contingency we asked for volunteers to come forward to help out at polling stations and are pleased to report we have plenty of staff to cover.”

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