Tower Bridge Wharf – Metropolitan Police statistics for ASB

Grounds for the early closure of the public access gates to Tower Bridge Wharf due to Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) have been weakened after crime data analysis by LW shows that reported ASB for the area is very low.

As reported last month a planning application has been submitted for a variance in the original planning application terms to permit the public access gates to be closed five hours earlier than required, at 6pm instead of 11pm.

MPS Crime Data featured

Analysis by LW of the official Metropolitan Police crime figures for St. Katharine’s Way, the area that includes Tower Bridge Wharf, show that reported incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour are extremely low.

In fact just this side of non-existent.

Metropolitan Police statistics

The police statistics are anonymised by only giving an approximate location for any reported incident. So in the case of Tower Bridge Wharf the reported crime area is ‘In or near St. Katharine’s Way’ which is the adjoining street to the north that runs from Hermitage through to St. Katharine’s Docks.

There is not a street to the south of St. Katharine’s Way ‘cos that is where the Thames is.

The LW Data Analysis Team downloaded all the reported street crime figures for the entire Metropolitan Police district from December 2012 to February 2016 inclusive. Murders, shooting, GBH, the lot. Including ASB of course.

Data analysis

This totals 5,492,635 reported incidents for the whole of London for five years.

We then wrote a program that searched each of the 5,492,635 records for any reported ASB in Tower Hamlets.

This gave 87,091 ASB incidents for the entire borough during this time..

This was refined further by then searching within the Tower Hamlets data for ASB incidents reported ‘In or near St. Katharine’s Way’.

Data for December 2012 and 2016 was excluded as we did not have records for the full years. And there was only one ASB incident in or near St. Katharine’s Way in December 2012 and no incidents reported for this year.

The result? During the five years analysed there were a total of 63 ASB incidents for the area around St. Katharine’s Way including Tower Bridge Wharf.

One a month.

Our Data Analysis Team (Visualisation Branch) were disappointed to realise that there is little in the way of graphical explanation needed for the figures we found as below.

Reported incidents of ASB in or near St. Katharine’s Way

2011… 13 incidents of ASB.

2012… 16 incidents of ASB.

2013… 18 incidents of ASB.

2014… 5 incidents of ASB.

2015… 11 incidents of ASB.

Total… 63 incidents of ASB in five years.

Data source:

Not even worth presenting in a nice little table. Let alone a bar chart. Sob.

Not nice

Bottom line is that most of us know that there is an unacceptable level of ASB in and around Tower Bridge Wharf and it is not nice for any Wapping resident to have to endure this.

But the data does not reflect this.

The only logical reason for the discrepancy between anecdotal reports of ASB and the official figures is that residents of Tower Bridge Wharf do not call 101 when they witness ASB.

This means incidents are not recorded – as we have shown.

Unfortunately this pretty much scuppers the evidential basis for planning application PA/15/03098.

Dial 101

If residents do call 101 when they witness ASB this will be recorded and reflected in the data, even if the police cannot attend. Armed with this then our Safer Neighbourhoods Team, the council and residents can work together to solve the problem.

Attempting to deny everyone the spectacular view of Tower Bridge from Tower Bridge Wharf to thwart a few idiots is not the answer.

Tower Bridge Wharf. Enjoy the view of our local bridge.
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