Good luck to Peter McCubbin on his Camino de Santiago patrol

Our local PC Peter McCubbin will be absent from our streets for a while as he goes off for a well earned break to walk the Camino de Santiago.

The Camino de Santiago, or ‘Way of St. James’ is a network of ancient pilgrimage routes across Europe that come together at the tomb of St. James (Santiago in Spanish) in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in north-west Spain.

Given the choice between patrolling the sun-kissed shores of Shadwell Basin or 500 miles through Galicia it seems Peter opted for the slightly longer route. Good choice.

“Is this webcam thing working?” Peter McCubbin gets to grips with MPS technology.

In Peter’s absence PCSO Sandra Monteiro De Sousa and the rest of the Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be looking after us so we should be safe. In fact we should be extremely safe because we live in Wapping!

Camino de Santiago

Where would you choose to take a walk? The Camino de Santiago (above) or Shadwell Basin (below)?

Shadwell Basin

How to contact Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Team

As ever our Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) can only do their jobs well with the support of the community. Looking at a crime or ASB taking place and doing nothing is not going to help anyone.

Time and time again the Love Wapping Crime Desk talks to residents who complain of ASB or street drugs activity but records often show that the very same residents have not reported it via 101 or any other means.

So courtesy of Wapping SNT Sergeant Josh Laughton here is your handy guide as to how to report ASB or illegal drugs activity you might see in Wapping.

  • Make a note of dates, times, locations, descriptions and vehicle registrations
  • Do not put yourself at risk
  • Call the Ward SNT mobile on 0208 721 2854
  • Call the Ward Office number 0207 275 4644
  • Send the SNT an email to
  • Call 101 for non emergency issues
  • If it is an emergency do not hesitate dial 999

You can also register to get more information about police activity in the area by signing up for Neighbourhood Link. 

Shiny police van on Green Bank.
Shiny police van on Green Bank.