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To be blunt, we need your cash. No sales pitch, we just cannot do what we do without you. Exclusives like the news that Lutfur Rahman was making his political comeback with a new party, Tower Hamlets Together take a lot of work and a lot of time.

We are not funded, we do not carry advertising, we do not make money from selling stories to the national media.

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Investigative journalism does work

Some of the investigative work we have done is listed below but there is more to do. Much more. We are currently undertaking our normal investigative work and also looking into the issues of cladding on public buildings after the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service have questions to answer.

Our recent coverage of the GLA Police Committee questioning the Metropolitan Police as to exactly why there were no criminal prosecutions after Lutfur Rahman was banned from office shows the importance of some of the work we undertake.

LW was as surprised as anyone that the Metropolitan Police only published this shameful statement when we asked them what arrests had been made for electoral malpractice in the borough. And asked. And Asked. And asked again.

Directly connected to the non-prosecution of Rahman is the long running story of why there were no prosecutions of of Rahman’s Youth Services despite 65 different internal Council inquiries. Read Youth Services: No prosecutions due to incorrect ‘packaging’ of evidence for the fuller story. We do not claim it is yet complete.

Other key stories:

Investigative journalism is very time and resource intensive. Collecting and analysing the Payment to Suppliers data and grants data to show how the Rahman administration was fiddling the grants system took months. – and we published our analysis two weeks before the DCLG auditors working inside the Town Hall.

Stories that need to be told

Why do we bother? Because these stories need to be told. And no one else is telling them.

Issues such as rampant corruption in local government and perversion of the Government’s PREVENT anti-radicalisation strategy seem to be too big for the traditional local press and too small for the nationals.

Daft thing is we do this work at no cost to anyone apart from ourselves.

Running costs for Love Wapping are basic things like the website, software and travel. We need lots more hard drives to store the large amount of data we gather. But we mainly need basic daily living costs.

If you consider what LW does to be of value to you and our community then please help us continue our work.

In the future LW would like to be self-funding, expand our team and maybe even do a print edition. You know, real paper.

For the moment we just want to continue doing what we do and do it better.

Mayor Rahman is toast