Shhh!…there’s another Wapping Lido consultation

LW is always on the look out for interesting things that some people do not wish to properly publicise to residents. The fact that there seems to be another consultation re the proposed Wapping Lido in just a week’s time fits neatly into this category.

LW had not seen or heard anything about John Aldenton’s Wapping Lido scheme since the last consultation and it seems few people in Wapping had. A lot of consultations seem to be like that. Not just small outfits like the Turks Head (nothing to do with the cafe) Company. All sorts. Odd.

Seems some Wapping residents have got a Wapping Lido leaflet, many others not. After a phone call from a concerned resident the Wapping Mole had a look at the Turks Head Company / Charity site and found this reference on the news page:


LW Graphics Department had to add the red arrow to show where the content on the ‘consultation’ page is. There is only a headline and the link to the PDF. Neither the text or images in the leaflet have been added to the page so it’s a lot harder to find.

Less than a weeks notice of consultation event

Publication date of the post is 27th May 2016, just six days before the consultation events.

LW watched one Wapping resident try to find the page above on her mobile phone knowing that it was on the Turks Head website and failing. Our Digital Inclusion Team had to point to the heading and PDF link.

If you do manage to find and download the PDF you will find this gem: “Following an enthusiastic local response to our consultation in November, we are submitting a full planning application in June 2016.”

Enthusiastic? WTF? Maybe that means the people who liked the Lido proposal were enthusiastic – but the people who didn’t like it were not.

Anyway if you have not for some strange reason had a leaflet through your door or found it online you can get it by clicking this link (PDF).

Two interesting things about the relatively content free Wapping Lido Leaflet.

Full length bathing suits

First thing is the cover image looks to have been attacked by a rogue Photoshop enthusiast who has copied and (badly) pasted two very prominent images of two women enjoying the lido wearing full length bathing suits. A cynical appeal to our Muslim community. Was this image in the first lido leaflet? Or was it just added as an afterthought because without it the planning application was dead in the water?


Shadwell Basin fishing destroyed

Second thing is that in addition to a natural ecology area that already exists being destroyed the anglers fishing area will cease to exist. The anglers have quietly been improving their area in the last year or two and it looks much better.

“Fishing in the basin is dead. I give it a year at most”, said one regular angler.

Consultation? What consultation?

As happened with the first consultation residents, especially those near Shadwell Basin, are not all aware of consultation activities.

The email below from a Shadwell resident explains.

“I received a call from a neighbour who asked if I’d received a leaflet about the Wapping Lido consultation which was a surprise, as I live near the basin but hadn’t heard of it – when I checked, other neighbours, they hadn’t either. I checked the Shadwell Basin website but couldn’t seem to find any information about this and having checked the Turks’ Head website, finally found a line about this ‘Public Consultation’

I am particularly concerned at what seems to be a less than inclusive exercise as the person who first alerted me to this consultation had asked neighbours what they thought about the proposal, only to find he was the only person on his long landing to have received the Wapping Lido Consultation leaflet. Oddly, one or two other people on landings below had received leaflets but not every door on each floor had received them….”

Wapping Lido Second Consultation Dates

Here are the dates for the consultation at Raine House, Raine Street E1W 3RL

Thursday 2nd June 4–8pm
Friday 3rd June 4–8pm
Saturday 4th June 11am–3pm

  • www.shadwellbasinproject/lido – this link does not work. Because it is incorrect. This was incorrect for the first consultation.



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