King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP) consultation dates

There is a consultation by the Council for what the shape of our beloved King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP) will be after Thames Tideway have finished trashing it completed their work to build the Thames Supersewer.

Work in our park will begin on the supersewer in 2017 and run for about three and half years.

King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP)
King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP)

Consultation timetable

The consultation to ‘plan your park’ runs from May (now) through to November / December 2016. Key dates that are imminent are June 4th when there is a public consultation in KEMP itself from 10am-5pm and on June 8th when there will be an exhibition at Raine House, Raine Street, E1W 3TL in the evening between 6.30-9pm.

Park shafting imminent

KEMP consultation leaflet

Part of the deal for Thames Tideway to be allowed to use the only significant green space on the Thames between Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf for access to their supersewer is that they have to make KEMP nice both during and after the works. That’s what the consultation is about.

Excuse us if we do not jump for joy over this.

Residents and other members of the Save KEMP campaign, led by Carl, Emma and Toni, fought a long and hard battle to keep KEMP safe but we did not win and Thames Tideway will be doing their park shafting soon.

But just because we lost doesn’t mean we have to like what is going to happen to KEMP.  Yes we should all attend the consultation but do not lose sight of why KEMP is being trashed for four years.

Maximising the profits of Macquarie Group

The Thames Tideway supersewer is a way of using outdated technology to solve a significant problem to maximise the profits of the global corporate money making machine that is Macquarie Group.

One illustration of how Macquarie Group buries its global activities in a corporate web of companies can be seen in KEMP itself.

The Wapping Mole rarely lets a planning notice wrapped round a lamppost or hung from a gate pass without a quick read. You can find out all sorts of things. Have a look at the photo below taken in KEMP a few weeks back.


Dull, innit? What caught the Mole’s eye was something called ‘Bazalgette Tunnel Limited’. Who they Mole wondered?

Joseph Bazalgette was the man who originally sorted out London’s sewer problem of course. But what has Bazalgette Tunnel Limited got to do with Thames Tideway? Which in itself is part of Thames Water. Why the change of name?

A quick Google found this link:  ‘Investors lined up to finance ‘super sewer’ which explains it all nicely as below. But then it is the Thames Tideway Tunnel site.

Thames Water has selected a preferred bidder to deliver the Thames Tideway Tunnel, also known as the ‘super sewer’.

The newly-created, special purpose company Bazalgette Tunnel Limited, whose shareholders are a consortium of investors comprising funds managed by Allianz, Amber Infrastructure Group, Dalmore Capital Limited and DIF, is in line to own, finance and deliver the landmark project. […]

This unique opportunity has attracted global interest and the competition to be appointed the Infrastructure Provider has been keenly contested. Twelve parties were invited to tender culminating in two highly competitive bids received in the final ‘revise and confirm’ round.

Balancing the interests of customers, investors and taxpayers to deliver this successful outcome, the ground-breaking delivery model, developed by Thames Water, Government and Ofwat, forms a potential blueprint for other major infrastructure projects.”

Note the phrase ‘Balancing the interests of customers, investors and taxpayers’. Uh huh.

And no mention of Macquarie Group, natch.

So Bazalgette Tunnel Limited is yet another corporate entity created by Mcquarie Group.

If any corporate finance gurus can explain the process where Thames Water is selected as a preferred bidder for a, er, Thames Water project let us know. Must have been tough to choose.

In the meantime residents are urged to attend the consultation and make your views known.

For more information

There does not seem to be any web content for the KEMP consultation on the Tower Hamlets site. If we have missed it let us know, otherwise you can use the email and hashtag below.

Save King Edward Memorial Park
Save King Edward Memorial Park
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