Social cleansing: What Does Balfron Tower Mean To You?

The social cleansing of London is the greatest issue facing London. As more properties are bought by rich investors as a form of currency and social housing is sold off ordinary Londoners can no longer afford to live in the city of their birth. Communities such as Wapping that have existed for hundreds of years are being destroyed by the non-rich being priced out of the housing market. The film below is about Balfron Tower, Poplar, E14, designed by Ern? Goldfinger in 1963 for the London County Council, As a classic examples of 'Brutalism' architecture it is Grade II listed. Local housing association Poplar HARCA is redeveloping Balfron House and turning it into - you guessed it! - luxury flats in partnership with property developer Londonewscastle.

Zero social housing

Pressure group Balfron Social Club insist there should be 50% social housing in the revamped Balfron Tower. Poplar HARCA has allocated 0%. Zero. Zilch. Nada. 

Balfron Tower

In this film, 'Inversion/Reflection: What Does Balfron Tower Mean To You?' by Rab Harling ordinary residents of Balfron Tower tell their stories. This article Even hipsters and artists should be afraid of gentrification is also worth reading to provide some context for Balfron Towers and what Poplar HARCA are up to. Great work Rab.  
By Graeme Maclean - Flickr: balfron tower, CC BY 2.0,

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