Who can you vote for in the elections on 5th May 2016?

Two school children squabbling in the playground over who is the rightful owner of a ball is an unpleasant spectacle at the best of times. When the two children are grown men and the ‘ball’ in question is the Mayoralty of our capital city the spectacle sums up all that is wrong with our politics.

Fact is there are elections in London on Thursday 5th May and as always LW urges you to use your vote.


If you are not sure who you can vote for (apart from the two squabbling school boys) then just click over to the Who can I vote for site? which will tell you…er… who you can vote for.

Entering a good old Wapping postcode will quickly display a page which will tell you that:

These are the elections happening tomorrow.

London Mayoral Election
London Assembly Election (Constituencies)
London Assembly Election (Additional)

And by following this link and entering your postcode you can find out where to vote.

Oh and of course there are full lists of all the prospective candidates for all three elections apart from the two squabbling little boys.

The rest is up to you.

And it goes without saying that there is one person who will not be standing for election as anything this year. Or next year. Or….






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