Tower Hamlets corruption – Guest post by Angela Moffat

This is a guest post by Angela Moffatt, one of the four electoral petitioners who brought a private action that led to the removal of Lutfur Rahman and Alibor Choudhury from office and is now considering bringing a private prosecution against him. As such it does not necessarily reflect the views of LW. 

Justice-tower-hamlets-featuredIn 2010 I stood on my doorstep and I shook Lutfur Rahmans hand, wished him the best of luck in the Mayoral elections and gave him my vote.

Why? Mainly because I saw him as the underdog, someone who wasn’t afraid to stand up for himself against a party who if you read on the surface had treated him unfairly 

In 2015 Lutfur Rahman was removed from office after being found guilty of electoral fraud, this was proven to a criminal standard.

Angela Moffatt
Angela Moffatt

I am at a loss as to what punishment this man has actually received.  He has still not paid any of his costs and furthermore has failed to accept responsibility for his actions.

He has even dragged his own wife into this resulting in her saying “he has brought shame to his family”. 

Well he has brought shame to Tower Hamlets, a borough that I have lived in all my life, a borough that is known for its diversity, a borough which welcomes people from all over the world to come here to live and work.

My own roots spring from immigrants who started out in the East End in Princelet Street, Spitalfields, many generations ago. This is a borough that I, like many, may moan about but we genuinely love.

Lutfur Rahman sold his honour

Mr Rahman has sold his own honor by cheating the residents of Tower Hamlets and has relished in others being smeared and branded as something they are not, all because they sought the truth. He has caused a division that was never there before.

The Electoral Commission is supposed to be the body that regulate elections and by doing so hopefully protect the voter. They failed to do this, so it took four residents (myself as one of them) to take a petition to court to remove a now proven liar from office. 

People from all backgrounds thanked us for being part of this and I was overwhelmed by the gratitude shown, for these people to be let down again by those, who seem to feel that they know best, is wrong.

The police are supposed to protect victims of crime and adhere to a code of practice, it seems that they along with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) are not. Maybe because in this case there are so many victims, a whole borough of over 200,000 residents, it is being deemed a victimless crime. Well it isn’t and Tower Hamlets deserves more.

The ex Mayor should have been used to serve as an example to others with a similar agenda, but there have been no consequences to his actions.

So it seems once again it is down to the ordinary person to step up.  

Time to mobilise

We will be talking to lawyers and deciding who to prosecute. Nothing changes until the people decide that enough is enough. We’ve always known that but recent events have shown that it’s as true today as ever.  We must mobilise!

We need donations but more important we need to volunteer to distribute information across the borough. Men and women, young and old, must come together to unite our community and rid it of the corruption that still looking lies bubbling beneath the surface of Tower Hamlets 

Angela Moffat 

LW Note: When we have details of how residents can donate to Angela’s campaign we will let you know.