Mayor Biggs demands better police response to racist thugs

Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs has today met with senior Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers to demand better management of any further provocations from racist groups in Tower Hamlets after Britain First turned up outside East London Mosque on Saturday.

Well, 15 of them apparently.

John Biggs, Labour Mayoral candidate for Tower Hamlets
John Biggs Mayor of Tower Hamlets

‘We must be vigilant and we must maintain the higher ground, away from the gutter of provocation where these groups belong,” said the Mayor.

Biggs has met Deputy Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons and new Tower Hamlets Borough Commander Sue Williams and asked them to review all options for stopping Britain First and other racist and Islamophobic groups from provoking Muslim residents. The Mayor is demanding the MPS investigate using legal powers to block further appearances by Britain First and act quickly to break up future unannounced events.

“It’s troublesome that police resources are being spent on preventing narrow minded bigots [like Britain First] from upsetting residents of our lovely borough,” said one Wapping resident.

Mayor Biggs attended the East London Mosque, London Muslim Centre, and Altab Ali Park on Saturday afternoon, immediately after receiving notification of the situation, then made a visit to the London Muslim Centre on Sunday evening.

Possible measures by the police could include:

  • Using police powers to ban or prevent this type of gathering in the borough
  • Creating a dispersal zone in the area
  • Refreshing the police protocol that was used when dealing with previous EDL provocations and ensure that all officers are aware of how to deal with such events

Tower Hamlets police and council will ensure that there are local patrols in the area on the run up to and during next Saturday.