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Andy Erlam considering new Tower Hamlets private prosecution

By on March 17, 2016 in Corruption, Crime & Policing, Politics

Anti-corruption campaigner Andy Erlam said today that a new private prosecution and/or judicial review was being actively considered by campaigners and their lawyers. Erlam was one of four electoral petitioners who successfully mounted a civil change to the result of the 2014 Tower Hamlets Mayoral election.

Erlam condemned the Met police decision to drop the Tower Hamlets election fraud enquiry as “bizarre” and says many allege “a police cover-up”.

This follows the decision published by the Met yesterday – Budget Day – that they would take no action.

Anti-corruption campaigner Andy Erlam

Anti-corruption campaigner Andy Erlam

Met has totally failed

“The Met have totally failed to do their duty in relation to Tower Hamlets. Once again it’s left to campaigners and local people to do their job for them. We are now actively considering launching a judicial review or a private prosecution or both. The Met decision is an utter disgrace,” said Erlam.

“The unanswered question is: why is the Met so reluctant to prosecute when there is a mountain of evidence of wrongdoing?”

“I never believed that the police investigation was at all serious. The police obstructed the election court process and have harassed the election petitioners. I do not believe there is the political will in the Met to bring successful prosecutions.”

Mountain of evidence

“There is a mountain of evidence of election fraud and financial fraud in Tower Hamlets. The election court judge referred to ‘industrial-scale election fraud’. The police must have had their eyes closed if they saw no substantial evidence.”

Erlam’s key points:

  • The MPS statement was deliberately issued on Budget Day to hide the bad news
  • The ‘report’ from the Election Court was not a report – it was a High Court judgement proven to criminal standards
  • Richard Mawrey QC did ask the police not to “interfere” with the petitioners and made it clear in his judgement that he expected the police to investigate
  • The BBC is at fault for swallowing the Met line that there have been no criminal offences. The police have said (wrongly) that there is insufficient evidence. It’s not a credible position




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