Lutfur Rahman creditors meeting taking place today (updated)

The saga of disgraced ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman continues today at 2pm as a creditors meeting takes place at the Insolvency Service offices in Chatham, Kent.

Rahman declared himself bankrupt after being found liable for a variety of costs as a result of his being ejected from office.

The insolvency meeting is a consequence of the Election Petition case where Rahman was found guilty of election fraud and banned from public office for 5 years.

Electoral petitioners yet to receive any costs

The Petitioners, led by Andy Erlam (pictured below) are pursuing their costs of over £500,000 of which they have yet to receive a penny.


If you’re owed money by a bankrupt person or company then you become a creditor of that person or company, in this case Rahman.

The Official Receiver or Insolvency Practitioner sells any assets (except any reasonable domestic items and items needed for the bankrupt’s job) and then this money is divided between the creditors in a strict order of priority after the cost of the bankruptcy or liquidation (winding-up) have been paid.

On 29th January the High Court ruled that Rahman was the owner of 3 Grace Street, not his wife. This means that this property, and any others owned by Rahman, can be sold to meet his various costs.

Numerous individuals and organisations loaned Rahman money totalling £750,000 to help fund his defence during the Electoral Petition.

One person who will no doubt be keen to get her pennies back is Foujiya Sultana, one of Lutfur’s nieces, as she donated a total of £82,500 to her uncle.

As Ms. Sultana works as an administrator for the NHS raising such a sum must have been quite a strain on her finances.

Update 19:15hrs 05 February 2016

The Election Petitioners have won their joint nominee of Ninos Koumettou and Yiannis Koumettou of Alexander Lawson Jacobs, Winchmore Hill, North London at the creditors meeting today.

The nomination of Alexander Lawson Jacobs was won by a substantial majority.  

The Petitioners objected to over 53 creditors of Rahman on the grounds that their claimed loans may not have been loans and because of queries about the source of funds.

This is a significant step towards getting costs paid.

Love Wapping’s view

It is hoped by LW that the Election Petitioners will soon receive full payment of all their costs incurred by them during their brave challenge of the result of the Tower Hamlets Mayoral election 2014.

It is also hoped that central Government will do the right thing and formally guarantee that whatever the outcome of today’s creditors meeting or any other future legal events the Election Petitioners will not be out of pocket for standing up for the democratic process and winning a crucial victory for not just Tower Hamlets and London but the entire country.

Every UK citizen owes them a debt.


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