Wapping One O’Clock club can’t open at 1PM – let’s change this

An online campaign to ask Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs to open the Wapping One O’Clock Club held in the Children’s Centre in Wapping Gardens on a more regular basis needs your support.

Yeah – you!

You can find the online petition here on the Change.org site and the Wapping Mole urges you to sign it.

Moley has in the past been seen jumping around at the Trumpers Jumpers events held at the One O’Clock Club in support of his favourite small person and so can personally recommend it.

LW has supported the Wapping Children’s Centre in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Wapping Children's Centre, Wapping Gardens
Wapping Children’s Centre, Wapping Gardens

Here is an extract from the online petition:

“Let’s get together and appeal to Mayor John Biggs to open the Wapping One O’Clock Club for not only more play sessions and but also to allow parents and carers to host childrens’ events at the space for a fee. If there are other barriers to hiring it out let’s understand them clearly and try and make it a possibility. This kind of initiative would pay for itself, or even raise extra income for reinvestment.”

Daft thing is that because the One O’Clock Club has suffered years of cuts (cheers Lutfur!) and now operates only 7 hours a week on the current timetable, 6.5 hours on the summer timetable.

John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets
John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Not One O’Clock

And it can’t open at 1 o’clock because it can’t afford to do so.

Which is pretty stupid.

After his jumping sessions Moley noticed the wide diversity of carers and children who used the One O’Clock Club.

East End at it its best

People from all over the world, all different faiths and beliefs, some with careers, others just bumping along from one day to the next. That’s the East End at its best.

The common thread that binds this diverse group of people in our community is that they all have the same need – the One O’Clock Club fulfills that need and should and could be expanded to provide more to everyone.

So please sign the petition, tell your friends and let’s see what Wapping can do as a community.

Cllr. Denise Jones, Christine Trumper and parents at the One O’Clock Club
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