BT to expand fibre broadband rollout in Tower Hamlets

No it is not April Fools Day and BT have said that they will expand fibre broadband rollout in Tower Hamlets.


Read the details below from a BT press release from last month we have only just stumbled upon (sorry!) and copied and pasted below because we are just lazy.

And NO LAUGHING when you read it – OK? Show some respect.

US Navy Quartermaster Seaman signals with semaphore flag (Wikipedia)
A Wapping resident accessing the internet using semaphore flags.

Respect! Please!

Titter ye not

Now for the Ctrl + V stuff.

“I’m delighted that BT is able to make a further investment in fibre broadband within Tower Hamlets,”said Andrew Campling, General Manager for London in BT Group. “Whilst fibre broadband is already available to the vast majority of premises across London, we’ve been exploring options that will enable us to expand our coverage in the borough even further.Given feedback that we’ve had to date, I’m confident that the residents and businesses in the additional parts of Tower Hamlets where fibre broadband will now become available will be very pleased.”

BT’s new investment is focusing on three areas:

  • Upgrading city cabinets that weren’t part of the original commercial plans due to technical challenges or local planning restrictions
  • Rolling out ‘fibre to the remote node’ (FTTRN) and to fibre broadband cabinets that serve multi-dwelling units, such as apartment blocks
  • Continuing to ensure the new fibre network is available on an ‘equivalent’ basis to all internet service providers that use the Openreach network. That means companies competing with BT Consumer and BT Business can deliver faster broadband to their customers, paying Openreach the same as BT’s own divisions.

Do you believe any of this?

Nah, we don’t either. BT have been promising high speed broadband in Wapping for years and it has never arrived.

So why should we believe them now?

Too many poor people

Bottom line is that BT is still a monopoly and there is no profit in them rolling out fibre broadband in Wapping or anywhere else in Tower Hamlets.

Too many poor people + difficult urban geography = too much hassle.

So unless you live in 21 Wapping Lane, one of the few places in E1W to have high speed interweb, here is a handy guide to semaphore signals for you to cut out and keep.



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