Wapping residents forced to walk in road by building works

Been run over by a bus or large lorry today? No? In that case you probably haven’t been trying to walk along Wapping High Street opposite the Overground Station.

As we all know one pavement has been blocked for months by the development above the station and yesterday residents were forced to walk in the road because – you guessed it – the other pavement was blocked off as well.

Below is the account of one Wapping mum who was forced to dodge traffic with a pram and a toddler because she was forced to walk in the road.

This was the situation yesterday Tuesday 25th August 2015 at 12.30 in her own words.

Please use other footpath

“Hi, I don’t know whether you have noticed but the pavement along Wapping Riverside Apartments has been closed off with red barriers.

There is a sign saying ‘pedestrians please use other footpath’.

Please use the other footpath? Yeah, right.
Please use the other footpath? Yeah, right.

Then on the opposite side the pavement has been taped off so that again pedestrians cannot walk down it [Glenny].

Neither side has created a walkway which means you are forced to walk along the road.

No traffic management

There is often no traffic management in place which means that like today I had to navigate a busses, trucks and other vehicles with a baby in pram and toddler in tow.

It is so dangerous that i have complained about it to Tower Hamlets Council.

Closed pavement circled in red.
Closed pavement circled in red.

Added to this Wapping Riverside Apartments have a large crane which is hoisting up containers over the road, to the top of the apartment block filled with white goods etc.

Should anything drop it would be directly over the pedestrians forced to walk the road. I thought the disruption might be of concern to other Love Wapping readers.

Detail of blocked pavement
Detail of blocked pavement

If anyone else wants to complain to Tower Hamlets (like i have) regarding this go to the Tower Hamlets Council website, www.towerhamlets.gov.uk click on Report It and then scroll down and click on ‘pavement or road obstruction reporting’

This will bring up a very easy form that takes little more than 5 minutes to fill and click send. Hopefully it will prevent an accident from occurring.”

Buying a flat in Wapping E1W?

Thanks very much for this report and let’s hope other developers whose only reason for being in Wapping is to make vast sums of money flogging flats take a little more care in future – or they might find the number of objections to any Planning Application increases considerably.

Seems fair, no?

Might make buying a new build flat in Wapping more tricky too.

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