Sir Eric wants to hear your views on electoral fraud

It comes as no surprise to read that Sir Eric Pickles, the Government’s Anti-Corruption Champion, is to carry out a review of electoral fraud and make recommendations to the Government.

Last week Sir Eric expressed his belief that the authorities in Tower Hamlets were turning a blind eye to criminal conduct in the borough because of a misplaced sense of political correctness.


Which would explain why absolutely nothing has been done about rampant corruption in Tower Hamlets for years and the mess we found ourselves in.

Come to think of it we are still in the mess, it’s just that it is not such big news anymore.

And it also explains why this corruption was only exposed by Sir Eric sending the auditors into Mulberry Place and the electoral petitioners bringing a private prosecution challenging the result of the May 2014 Mayoral election.

It does not explain why 17 corruptly elected Tower Hamlets First councillors are still in power and getting paid their allowances.

You can read the full announcement by the Cabinet Office here or submit your evidence Submit your feedback to the review using this email address:

Terms of reference for Electoral Fraud Review

  • Examine what steps are necessary to stop voter registration fraud and error, postal voting fraud, impersonation, intimidation, bribery, treating and undue influence
  • Review the role of councils, the police and the Electoral Commission in deterring, identifying and prosecuting fraud
  • Consider the recommendations of Richard Mawrey QC in his recent Election Court judgment on fraud in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets
  • Recommend to government what practical changes are needed to legislation, guidance and practice

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