Sir Eric: “Authorities turning a blind eye to criminal conduct”

Tower Hamlets police and council staff failed to tackle intimidation

Look out civil servants wherever you are, Sir Eric Pickles is annoyed, determined and headed your way.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph Sir Eric, who ordered the auditors into Tower Hamlets Town Hall, takes no prisoners as he accuses civil servants of ignoring electoral fraud because of political correctness.

Sir Eric Pickles
Sir Eric Pickles

Sir Eric is now the Government’s Anti-Corruption Champion and former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Key points of Daily Telegraph article:

  • Tower Hamlets police and council staff failed to tackle intimidation
  • Individual electoral registration not fully implemented
  • Tick-box inspections of returning officers ineffectual
  • Documents destroyed in Mulberry Place blocked enquiries into planning and financial misconduct
  • Estimates there are 6.5 million ‘ghost voters’ on UK electoral registers
  • Significant numbers of Tower Hamlets voters remain unverified
  • 25% of voters in Hackney remain unverified
  • Fraudulent voter registration frequently tied to illegal immigration
  • Sir Eric to gather evidence and report to Prime Minister

Officialdom in denial

The Government’s Anti-Corruption Champion seems more than a little frustrated by civil servants in both central and local government. Quoted in the Daily Telegraph:

“Within Whitehall as a minister, I found a complete reluctance by officials to take action on the warnings from local councillors and journalists of systematic corruption in the mayoral administration in Tower Hamlets.

I would argue that state officialdom is in denial over the real state of electoral fraud in 21st-century Britain.

Just as we have seen with child sexual exploitation in places such as Rochdale and Rotherham, institutionalised political correctness can lead to the state turning a blind eye to criminal conduct.”

Nice to see all this finally being clearly stated, innit?

It will be interesting to see how LW’s recent allegations that Tower Hamlets First somehow obtained the personal data of every Tower Hamlets Homes tenant for political purposes features in Sir Eric’s report.

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