Lutfur Rahman’s bank account and the Land Rover

One issue at today’s hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice was whether Lutfur Rahman, disgraced ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets, was fully disclosing all details of his financial activities.

Seems he might not have been as forthcoming as he could be.

Which brings us to the Land Rover.

That’s right. Not a Merc.

Land Rover - best vehicle in the world when you are up to your eyes in it.
Land Rover – best vehicle in the world when you are up to your eyes in it.

Below you will see part of one of the bank statements that Rahman has been required to produce for the benefit of the court.

If you scroll down you will see in bold two entries on 14th March 2011 and 1st April 2011 for card transactions totalling £18,000 to Land Rover for, presumably, a Land Rover. Or part of one. Or a secondhand one. Whatever.

Lutfur Rahman - Natwest current account, expenses over £500

DateDescriptionAmount (£)Type
04/01/2010Redstone Mortg Plc860.61Direct Debit
20/01/2010Cheque 0008711,000.00CHQ
01/02/2010Redstone Mortg Plc860.61Direct Debit
19/02/2010Cheque 0008732,000.00CHQ
01/03/2010Redstone Mortg Plc860.61Direct Debit
19/02/2010Cheque 0008751,300.00CHQ
01/04/2010Redstone Mortg Plc860.28Direct Debit
04/05/2010Redstone Mortg Plc860.28Direct Debit
13/05/2010Cheque 0008791,480.00CHQ
01/06/2010Redstone Mortg Plc860.28Direct Debit
01/07/2010Redstone Mortg Plc867.38Direct Debit
02/08/2010Redstone Mortg Plc867.38Direct Debit
01/09/2010Redstone Mortg Plc867.38Direct Debit
13/09/2010Cheque 0008861,000.00CHQ
13/09/2010Cheque 000887625.00CHQ
13/09/2010Cheque 0008905,000.00CHQ
01/10/2010Redstone Mortg Plc866.55Direct Debit
01/11/2010Redstone Mortg Plc865.41Direct Debit
01/11/2010Cheque 000888750.00CHQ
23/11/2010Cheque 000892600.00CHQ
01/12/2010Redstone Mortg Plc865.41Direct Debit
15/12/2010Cheque 0008948,000.00CHQ
23/12/2010Cheque 0008961,400.00CHQ
04/01/2011Redstone Mortg Plc866.10Direct Debit
01/02/2011Redstone Mortg Plc866.10Direct Debit
03/02/2011Cheque 0008996,000.00CHQ
03/02/2011Cheque 0009015,000.00CHQ
14/02/2011Mercedes Benze1,000.00Card Transaction
01/03/2011Redstone Mortg Plc866.42Direct Debit
14/03/2011Land Rover1,000.00Card Transaction
01/04/2011Land Rover17,000.00Card Transaction
01/04/2011Redstone Mortg Plc871.55Direct Debit
14/04/2011HMRC2,000.00Card Transaction
03/05/2011Redstone Mortg Plc871.55Direct Debit
03/05/2011Black Horse1,139.58Direct Debit
18/05/2011HMRC2,829.19Card Transaction
31/05/2011Black Horse944.58Direct Debit
01/06/2011Redstone Mortg Plc871.55Direct Debit
01/06/2011Cheque 0009022,290.00CHQ
29/06/2011Cheque 000903580.00CHQ
30/06/2011Black Horse944.58Direct Debit
01/07/2011Redstone Mortg Plc871.55Direct Debit
12/07/2011Cheque 000905700.00CHQ
12/07/2011Cheque 0009061,000.00CHQ
01/08/2011Redstone Mortg Plc875.69Direct Debit

Seems that counsel acting for Andy Erlam (one of the four election petitioners) were not exactly impressed with Lutfur’s transparency on the issue of the Land Rover.

And quite a few other things as well but let’s just look at the Land Rover as an example.

The Freezing Order in place requires Lutfur Rahman ‘to disclose his expenditure between January 2010 to date over £500’, and Lutfur was ordered to disclose ‘details of all such expenditure’.

Oops. Seems he has not been disclosing as much as he should be.

Like owning the Land Rover.

Erlam’s counsel required a lot more detail than Lutfur was initially offering. Below is their request for full disclosure from the court documents.

“(1) Two payments, totalling £18,000, to Landrover on 14 March and 1 April 2011, which the Court is invited to infer must have been for the purchase of a motor­ vehicle. The Defendant has failed to disclose ownership of this or any other motor-vehicle or his receipt of any monies on the sale of such a vehicle.

(2) The Defendant made a first payment of £1,139.58 to ‘Black Horse’ on 3 May 2011 and has subsequently made 35 monthly payments of £944.58 between 31 May 2011 and 28 February 2013, a total of £33,060.30.

There is a finance company by the name of Black Horse and these payments bear all the hallmarks of repayments for a finance transaction. Black Horse specialises in finance for motor-vehicles.

This evidence strongly suggests that the Defendant purchased a second motor vehicle in this period, notwithstanding that he has failed to disclose such a vehicle or the proceeds of its sale. Alternatively, they may be payments towards his purchase of a Landrover, which he has failed to disclose ( as above).”

Tut tut. How many vehicles does a directly elected Mayor need?

Should have stuck with the Merc.

Anyway enough about cars. Next up – Lutfur Rahman’s financial backers.

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