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  1. This is first time I learned a British politician can get that much loan from individual people. But for what reason and how he will repay them. For what reason those people backed him with that much money?

  2. M A Uddins comment sums up exactly what is wrong with this borough. If I didn’t know better I would have thought it’s a provocation by BNP or at least UKIP – sadly I’ve heard enough of such opinions from real people to know it isn’t. We must be thankful for these ‘traitors’ who have enough integrity and decency to oppose corruption coming from within their own community.

  3. I think all the Bangladeshi British people who went against the former mayor are a bunch of losers who cannot get over the fact he done a great job for the borough of Tower Hamlets.
    They need to study history and see how they have been used by the indigenous population and the cycle goes on. Soon they will be wanting badges of distinction for their treachury.

    I believe rahman did have a fiddle but so so all the incumbents and the new one is so unworthy.


    1. “.. a bunch of losers” That is probably one of the more coherent arguments in support of the corrupt ex-Mayor. The only people he did a great job for were his mates.

    2. You are talking history. Think about your community, your country where you are now. Your duty and responsibility towards your children, family, community, country and the wider world. Excuse me for my innocent comment.

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