Wapping Market – statement from organisers

LW emailed the organisers of Wapping Market this morning as this FOI response seemed a bit confusing and people would just like to know what is going on.

Here is the Wapping Market statement:

“We have always been in communication with the council (Tower Hamlets Parks Team) since the market closed in January, we had been waiting for our initial one year contract with the council to run out (June) during this time there have been discussions with the councils ‘Market team’ and the ‘Parks team’ to whome [sic] should be issuing us a licence enabling us to trade on the site.

Our intention was to begin trading again once this was sorted out & the new licence was received from the council. 

However our market manager has a new position and is unable to work on Sunday’s and some of our traders are now committed to their Sunday markets and will not be able to trade at Wapping this summer.

So this is where we are at present, we hope to start the market up again at some point – but are not in a position at present to put on and manage a market with the caliber of traders that we had previously.

We want and intend to have the market running year round (not just from June / December).

Here is the info from the council…..

The message we have put out due to enquiries to the Council as to when the market is going to re-open is: 

A Tower Hamlets Council spokesperson said: “The popular Wapping Market, which ran last year on a weekly basis, was privately managed with the council licensing the space. We understand from the licensee that due to various operational issues he is not able to re-open the market this year but that he intends to seek a license for it next year. We would welcome this application, which will be considered by the council once it is received.”

Wapping Market in 2014
Wapping Market in 2014

We hope that has cleared things up.

Any further questions to Wapping Market c/o Brockley Market not LW.