Wapping canal improvements update (video)

Last Tuesday a group of Wapping residents, Tower Hamlets council officers and Bow Landscaping employees completed the second phase of the canal improvements by installing reed beds opposite Tobacco Dock.

This work added to the amazing efforts of the 100 + Citibank corporate volunteers who did such an amazing job a few weeks back along the canal and in Wapping Woods.

And of course the new canal lights which have been fixed! Hooray!

Here is a short film to explain what has been going on this week:

Now all we have to do is let nature take its course.

Unlike buying a nice bunch of flowers from a shop there is a lot of patience required until the natural fauna on the canal looks pretty.

The reed beds are a fundamental part of getting the canal ecology working properly. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Key element of the food chain
  • Provides shelter, nesting and food source for wildlife
  • Insects on roots provide food for small fish and water creatures
  • The fauna on the reed beds helps keep the water clean
  • Improved habitat attracts more birds to the canal

Oh and it makes our part of the East End look even nicer for everyone.

Why only Tobacco Dock?

The reason for this work being concentrated around the Spirit Quay / Tobacco Dock area is simply because it is thought a step by step approach is best. See what works, get feedback from people, adapt, adjust, next step.

It’s you canal, it’s your community, get involved and have your say.

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