Tower Hamlets MPS at work stopping ASB in Cinammon Street

If you live in or near Cinnamon Street you will no doubt have experienced the repeated Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) late at night.

A group of youths seems to think it is OK to use the pavement as a skateboard park and general outdoor drinking and Shouting As Loud As You Can Area until 2am.

Well this evening LW was fortunate enough to witness this ASB being dealt with by our very own MPS Safer Neighbourhood Team.

And what a treat it was!

Totally by chance LW stumbled across the law being enforced in Cinnamon Street and stayed to watch.

MPS Tower Hamlets St. Kaths & Wapping SNT officers at work in Cinnamon St. E1.
MPS Tower Hamlets St. Kaths & Wapping SNT officers at work in Cinnamon St. E1.

As the interweb works until quite late apparently we called out the entire Love Wapping Social Media Team who stood and watched the incident play out.

Vehicles were stopped and examined, words of advice given and the fact that a Dispersal Zone being in force meant that if they returned they would be arrested explained.

Gosh! Fizzy cola!

LW noticed that the yoof seemed to really enjoy bottles of fizzy cola – they had so many with them! Obviously thirsty. We do wonder what their mummies and daddies would say if they actually took a swig of the cola?

If you want a drink lads why not go to to the pub – there are lots! Then you can have a brandy and a chat with your mates and not disturb anyone. Everyone wins.

Real time tweets as two SNT officers dealt with a persistent ASB problem.

Real time tweets as two SNT officers dealt with a persistent ASB problem.

Still amazed

Even though LW has often witnessed police officers dealing with those who don’t give a damn about anyone other than themselves and somehow keeping their cool LW was still amazed at how well these officers remained polite yet firm in the face the usual lies and bullshit the ASB yoof spouted.

Obviously if we had some more police officers (especially like these two) there would be a lot less ASB in Wapping and the rest of Tower Hamlets as they could turn up mob handed (technical term) and sort repeat ASB incidents out.

As it is the thin blue line is just that.

Because like everyone else the Met Police have suffered savage government cuts which in turn means residents suffer. That’s the way it is.


As ever the police can only do their job with your consent so a big thanks to those living in Cinnamon Street who reported the ASB issues to the council and police.



  1. We have a similar problem, possibly the same group, in the tobacco dock car park. To whom should it be reported?

  2. I have been a resident of ????????Cinnamon Street. It was never like this, it is shocking to note the deterioration of the this area. I hope the authorities root this behaviour out. LW

  3. It’s great that the police attended and dealt with the situation tonight, but I wouldn’t count on that response on a regular basis. I lived in Bromley-by-Bow for many years and suffered from ASB outside my flat for nearly all that time, the dispersal zone order worked for a few weeks but as they are time-limited as soon it expired the trouble returned. Thankfully, I now live in a very quiet part of the Isle of Dogs, and am thankful that the nightmare of living in E3 is behind me.

    1. Thanks for your views Damien. The police would be the first to admit they cannot attend ASB problem areas like this as much as they would wish, but as was pointed out in the article there just aren’t enough police officers on our streets.

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