FOI 13186 Shadwell Basin and KEMP response

Citing some lame excuse about becoming a parent or some such trifling detail and his website not working the local planning legend that is Pootling Paul has asked that we publish this response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request he made.

Well if the mayor is going all transparent then who are we to buck this trend?

There is also mention of Wapping Market – see below.

FOI 13186 Shadwell Basin and KEMP response from Tower Hamlets council

KEMP facilities relocation

Q: Whether the council intends to relocate any aspects / facilities of King Edward Memorial Park to Brussels Wharf / Shadwell Basin or elsewhere in the Borough as a result of Thames Tideway Construction?

A: There are currently no plans to relocate any of the existing facilities within King Edward Memorial Park elsewhere in the Borough.

Market at Shadwell Basin

Q: Whether the council currently has any agreement for the provision of a market on Shadwell Basin?

A: The Council currently has no agreement for the provision of a Market at Shadwell Basin.

Shadwell Basin use as lido or market

Q: Whether the council is in discussion with any parties with respect to the use of Shadwell Basin either as a lido or market?

A: The Council is looking at the feasibility of a Lido facility within Shadwell Basin and has had some early provisional discussion with local stakeholders only. The Council is not currently in discussion with any parties with respect to a market.

Thames Tideway

Q: Whether (2) or (3) are subject to (1) or any other aspect of Thames Tideway?

A: The possible lido project fall’s within the Thames Tideway Tunnel mitigation works.

Lido? What lido?

The Turks Head Company* has had some scheme for a lido at Shadwell Basin for a while – well, years to be more precise – and LW is in the process of getting more details from them as the lido issue seems to be surfacing. [Lido – surfacing! Geddit? No? Oh well..]

If any of the residents around Shadwell Basin that the Turks Head Company** has been consulting with talked to regarding a possible lido have any information / views on this please let us know.

*The Turks Head Company owns the Turks Head building in Green Bank but does not run the Turks Head Cafe.

** No, LW has no idea why a charity is called a company either.

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