Cllr. Peter Golds: Five electoral reforms needed

Cllr. Peter Golds, the Conservative candidate in the recent Tower Hamlets mayoral election, has called on the Government to urgently implement five electoral reforms to stop corrupt political outfits like Tower Hamlets First making a mockery of the democratic process.

First published on ConservativeHome Cllr. Golds argues that the Government should move as quickly as possible to implement these five electoral reforms:

  • A review of postal voting on demand.
  • Prosecutions for falsified electoral registration.
  • An end to the mobbing of polling stations.
  • An end to interference with voting inside polling stations themselves.
  • A requirement to produce a form of ID when receiving a ballot paper.

LW wholeheartedly endorses these proposals.

A crackdown on postal voting on demand and an end to the ridiculous situation where anyone can just wander in to a polling station and vote with no form of identification whatsoever are imperatives.

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Cllr. Peter Golds telling it how it is.
Cllr. Peter Golds telling it how it is.