Cinnamon Cafe to take over Turks Head Cafe

Leyla is off! After 10 years running the Turks Head Cafe Leyla is moving on to pastures new – and putting herself first for a change instead of everyone else.

No need to panic however as Ronald of Cinnamon Cafe fame is taking over the Turks Head cafe lease from next weekend.

Jan and Leyla
Jan and Leyla

“News like this could make me choke on my cornflakes,” said one local gastronome on hearing of Leyla’s imminent departure.

Both Ronald and Leyla are outstanding examples of how local businesses contribute to our community far beyond selling coffee and bacon sarnies.

But will they leave the sign?
But will they leave the sign?

Wapping thanks Leyla and Jan

Leyla and Jan and their team have made a huge difference to Wapping and everyone in Wapping is very grateful for their dedication and service.

One of the most notable occasions was when Leyla walked miles across London in the snow to open up the Turks Head – read the full story here.

Then she walked home again. That’s dedication.

Leyla has also hosted community events and stayed open late for meetings at no charge whatsoever.

Full details of Ronald’s plans for the Turks Head have to be confirmed but the LW Restaurant Critic Team (We Never Say No To Free Brunch Branch) has a sneaky feeling it might involve opening in the evenings for meals.

Leyla and Jan outside the Turks Head - always a warm welcome
Leyla and Jan outside the Turks Head – always a warm welcome

Extra egg with that please

In the meantime you have only this week to get yourselves down to the Turks Head in Green Bank, wish Leyla and Jan well and order a full breakfast with an extra egg. Oh and chips too.

Cinnamon Cafe
Cinnamon Cafe


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