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Tower Hamlets Mayoral election – how to vote on 11th June

By on June 1, 2015 in Mayoral Election 2015

Apparently there is an election coming up in Tower Hamlets. News to us. Anyhow on 11th June there are the Mayoral and Stepney Green elections (Tower Hamlets council link). Obviously that’s two elections but, no disrespect to Stepney Green, our main concern is the Mayoral election – but good luck in Stepney!

This year’s Mayoral election is a rerun of the Mayoral election in 2014 which was rigged.

This year? Yeah, well….

You have two votes – use them both

Most important thing is that you vote and make sure you use both your votes.

You get to vote for your first choice and you get to vote for your second choice.

It is highly likely that the election will be very close and may be decided on the ‘second preference’ votes.

So use your second vote. Or no more photos of ducklings and cygnets on LW. Geddit?

Below are extracts from the Tower Hamlets council site and the About My Vote website.

Individual electoral registration (Tower Hamlets Council)

Why two votes for one Mayor?

The law states the voting process for the Mayoral elections must be done this way. It also allows you to say who would be your second choice for Mayor if your first choice is not in the top two after the first round of counting, and if there is not an outright majority winner at that stage.

How do I mark my vote?

Put a single X in each of the columns indicated. You have two votes – one for your first choice and one for your second choice of candidate.

What happens if I don’t make a second choice vote?

Your first choice will still be counted.

What happens if I only make an X in the second choice column?

Your vote will not be counted.

What if I mark an X in the first choice column for more than one candidate?

Your vote will not be counted. If you wish to vote for two candidates then you must mark an X in column 1 for your first choice candidate and also an X in column 2 for your second choice candidate.

How to contact Tower Hamlets Electoral Services

Electoral Services
Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
E14 2BG

Tel: 020 7364 0872
Fax: 020 7364 3758


How to vote (About My Vote)

Always read the instructions for filling in the ballot paper carefully, even if you have voted before.

The ballot paper lists the name of each candidate along with their party name, party logo and their address. There are two columns next to each name.

You will be asked to vote for your first-choice candidate by marking a cross (X) in the first-choice column, and vote for your second-choice candidate by marking a cross (X) in the second-choice column. As long as you mark one cross in the first-choice column, your vote can be counted.

You should not mark more than one cross in the first-choice column and you should not mark more than one cross in the second-choice column.

If you have marked a first choice, you can choose whether or not to mark a second-choice. But if you only mark a cross in the second choice column, your vote won’t be counted.

If you mark a cross next to the same candidate in the first and second choice column, your ballot paper will still be accepted but you would not be marking a second choice. If you want to mark a second choice, you should mark a cross next to a different candidate in the second choice column.

In 2007 some areas undertook pilot schemes whereby the two columns were replaced by a single column, and voters were asked to put a 1 next to their first choice for Mayor and a 2 next to their second choice for Mayor. Please read the ballot paper carefully to ensure that you have filled it in correctly.

Example ballot paper

This is a ballot paper from last year. It has two columns. One for your first preference, one for your second preference.

Example ballot paper - note the two columns for first and second preference votes.

Example ballot paper – note the two columns for first and second preference votes.


And a gentle reminder – if you are dead you are ineligible to vote.

So don’t even try.




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