Tower Hamlets election count – live blog

03:51 Friday  12 June 2015

Mayoral election to go to second round votes.

No major surprises here, it would have been very odd if this battle had been on first preference votes alone.

John Biggs (Labour) and Rabina Khan (Independent) have the most first choice votes so go through to the second round.

This means that the second choice votes on the ballot papers of the candidates who have been eliminated are now sorted.

Where there are votes for the two candidates remaining in the contest these will be added to the votes these candidates already have.


Seems many people have not opted for a second preference vote according to an announcement by the Returning Officer.

That facts counts as excitement here. Honest.

02:19 Friday  12 June 2015

Sabina Akhtar wins for Labour in Stepney Green by-election.

Sabina AkhtarLabour164342.11
Abu Talha ChowduryIndependent147237.72
Kirsty ChestnuttGreen2726.97
Paul SheaUKIP2035.20
Saiful AzamConservative1584.05
Will DyerLiberal Democrat1142.92
Jessie Mcneil-BrownSomething New401.03

01:20 Friday  12 June 2015

Turnout figures

Figures for number of people who voted this year is 37.73% compared to 47.5% last year.

Hardly surprising as this was just about the mayor of the borough (apart from the Stepney by-election) and also a lot of residents are probably just sick and tired of politics.

01:08 Friday  12 June 2015

Live? Well sort of live. Live as in watching paint dry. Which isn’t that interesting to be honest.

In normal circumstances the entire Love Wapping Editorial Team refuses to read anything with the words ‘live blog’ in the title as they are almost without exception deathly dull.

This live blog will be no exception.

But then this is Tower Hamlets so anything can happen and probably will.

Tower Hamlets election count at Excel
Tower Hamlets election count at Excel

Word is that the mayoral count result will be in around 3am. Or 4.30am.

The last mayoral election count took six days.

So don’t wait up.



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