Never buy a cheap television from a burglar

Had your TV stolen?

Been offered a cheap TV that looks just like yours by a total stranger?

Funnily enough quite a few borough residents are having that “Are you taking the mickey?” reaction to Rabina Khan’s view of recent history.

“I don’t want to dwell on the Election Court judgment here…. I want this conversation to be about the future of our borough.”

Rabina Khan manifesto launch speech

Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?

Psst... wanna buy a cheap TV?
Psst… wanna buy a cheap TV?

Avoiding reality

Rabina Khan’s ‘we must look forward not backward’  line is her way of trying to avoid the inconvenient reality that she was a senior figure in the corrupt Tower Hamlets First administration and so avoid any blame or responsibility for her actions or those of her colleagues.

The Labour mayoral candidate John Biggs, writing a guest post on the Trial by Jeory online publication,  used the analogy of  a burglar trying to sell you your own tv that was nicked last week – then getting all huffy when you ask where the tv came from – to describe Rabina Khan’s attempt to ignore facts:

“…this election is a chance to put the council back on residents’ side. It requires us to move forwards but to do this we must also admit that things were wrong.

It therefore boggles my mind that the Lutfur Rahman candidate, Rabina Khan, is in almost complete denial that anything was wrong, or that she had anything to do with it.

Her constant refrain is ‘we must look forwards’.

We must, of course, but we cannot ignore recent events.

To do so is a bit like a burglar selling you back your tv and accusing you of being backward looking in asking where it came from.”

Guest post by John Biggs: Rabina Khan is in complete denial anything was wrong

When you vote at the Mayoral election next week ask yourself a question: “Is someone trying to take the piss?”

Dwelling? Ooh yes please!

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