Anti-corruption campaigner Erlam hands more evidence to MPS

Andy Erlam, anti-corruption campaigner and Tower Hamlets mayoral candidate, has today handed dossier of further allegations of corruption at Tower Hamlets council to Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard.

You never know – the police might actually do something this time. There again.

The allegations are:

  1. Alleged election fraud of the local councillor elections on 22nd May 2014, involving the gross manipulation of ballot papers. We congratulate the police on obtaining a court order preventing the destruction of ballot papers.
  2. Alleged deliberate concealment of evidence at the town hall of information and evidence from the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) enquiry into LB of Tower Hamlets ordered by Sir Eric Pickles.
  3. Alleged misfeasance and possible fraud concerning interventions in commercial land deals in the Borough, going back over many years.
  4. The alleged misuse of LB Tower Hamlets resources to undertake illegal activities, including the sale of heroin.
  5. Unsatisfactory police investigations into an arson attack, illegal forced police house entry and possible police harassment of innocent persons. It appears that the 2 suspects were known to the police but that the victim was never informed.
  6. Further allegations of very serious alleged offences are given in the attached note [the dossier itself].

And there’s more

After the dossier was handed in to New Scotland Yard more details were given to LW by Andy Erlam’s research team.

  1. Uamvar Street – (LA5 register) 10 adults registered in a 3 bed house
  2. Teviot Street – (LA5 register) 5 people registered – known not to live there
  3. Venue Street, (LA5 register) – a leaseholders property – 3 votes – no-one lives there
  4. Uamvar Street (LA5 register) one vote – person has moved
  5. Padstow House (LI2 register) – 3 voters with exactly the same name
  6. Robin Hood Gardens (PO2) – 200 plus voters are registered but campaigners found only about 70 voters still living there. Red Flag canvassers found most flats empty as the two blocks which are about to be demolished. It is owned by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The town hall overlooks Robin Hood Gardens.

“I am appalled that major problems have occurred yet again with an unreliable register after everything that has happened,” said Andy Erlam. “Our canvassers found drug addicts removing voter cards from empty flats, saying that they would be selling them. The Tower Hamlets register must be made 100 per cent.”



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