Tower Hamlets ‘grants 4 votes’ corruption – what do you know?

This is a direct appeal to those who run third sector charities and organisations operating in Tower Hamlets. LW needs your help to discover full details of the misallocation hand outs to their mates of voluntary organisation / third sector grants by Tower Hamlets council.

residents-investigation-featured-01For over 18 months the entire Love Wapping Investigative Team – every one of them – has been working on various aspects of the dodgy activities rampant corruption of the Tower Hamlets First administration in the Town Hall.

Recently information has come into our possession that may be fundamental in revealing the full extent of the misallocation of grants funds by Tower Hamlets First (THF) to influence buy the votes of some of our community to keep themselves in power.

If you are or have been responsible for the management of a third sector / charity organisation in Tower Hamlets in the last four years you may have essential information and possibly not even realise it.

Sound familiar?

Have a look at the questions below. Any of them sound familiar?

  • Have you noticed a sudden change in the way your organisations grants have been paid by Tower Hamlet council?
  • Have your grant payments stopped – then started again but from a different council funding stream?
  • Do you have reason to believe that your council grant funds have been redirected to another organisation?
  • Has your bank encountered changes in payments of grant funds from Tower Hamlets council and alerted you to this?
  • Have you noticed changes to the usual patterns of your grant payments?
  • Do you know of other ‘third sector’ organisations in Tower Hamlets that simply do not exist?

At the moment LW cannot publicly divulge what we know – apart from the fact that it looks like sound evidence, is backed up by data, and we need to know more.

If and when we get enough good solid evidence it will be made public here first. Nowhere else. You can use the form below or email hello [at] lovewapping [dot] org.

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The inspiration for this ‘Citizens Investigation’ approach comes from Andy Erlam and the election petitioners.  If the authorities don’t do what needs to be done then we will do it ourselves.

Here is Andy’s view:

Andy Erlam after his High Court victory
Andy Erlam after his High Court victory

“If elected I will set up a citizens public enquiry involving non-councillors to get to the bottom of all the corruption – grants to voluntary organisations, dodgy land deals, misuse of council resources including housing allocation, misuse of the youth service” said Andy. “I will seek statutory powers for that inquiry from the new government. Then we can move on.”

Andy Erlam is standing on an anti-corruption ticket for Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

The election petition result was a landmark in the history of Tower Hamlets but the job is not yet finished.

Share what you know in confidence and let’s help get the borough sorted and grants going to those in need, not someone’s mates.


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