THH did not authorise distribution of newsletter with RK leaflet

Update 14:34 It has been pointed out that the original headline should have read “THH did not authorise distribution of newsletter with any other materials” but that just didn’t fit.

Update update 14:41: This one does.

Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) have released a public statement revealing that the THH ‘Open Door’ newsletters that were delivered with Rabina Khan for Mayor electoral material were not authorised for distribution.

Important statement from THH
Monday 18 May 2015

THH has not authorised the distribution of our newsletter, Open Door, with any other materials and the film shows an individual who is not a member of our staff.

We are very concerned with the reports about how our newsletter is being distributed by the external company that we currently use, and we are now investigating this matter urgently. It appears that we may have been very badly let down, and we have already instructed the company to stop all remaining distribution of our newsletter immediately.

Which makes the whole ‘Leafletgate’ issue even more interesting.

Stay tuned for details.


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