The Sun catches up with Brick Lane promo for ex-Mayor

LW never ever reads The Sun [£]  but was prompted to do so this morning as the tabloid has caught up with one of the ex-Mayor’s little PR for Votes wheezes.

The Sun page 9 20 May 2015
The Sun page 9 20 May 2015

This refers to an event in March 2014 covered by Love Wapping shortly afterwards Council blows £47,000 on 4 hour curry caper (1 May 2014).

Today’s edition of the Sun asks “Who do councils spend a fortune adorning every event with fading celebrities?”

Well the answer in Tower Hamlet’s case is to influence the ex-Mayor’s chums to vote for him.



LW was interviewed on BBC London 94.9 about this story and was delighted to explain this to the rest of London.

Here is the clip:




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  1. Oops sorry not gained – Baines – spell check error – do publish please…. Unlike my previous comments O great orifice of the East.

  2. Sorry Gained I have to repeat you are a spokes hole but you do not represent the views of all of Tower Hamlets. You claim to have enlightened the rest of London….. you are deluded

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