Rabina Khan’s election leaflets delivered inside THH newsletter

Election leaflets for Independent Mayoral candidate Rabina Khan are being delivered inside Tower Hamlets Homes newsletters across Wapping.

The leaflets urging residents of the Green Bank Estate in Wapping E1W to ‘Vote Rabina Khan for Mayor of Tower Hamlets’ were neatly folded inside the Tower Hamlets Homes leaflet.

Rabina Khan was (is?) the Cabinet member for Housing and Development and so responsible for Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) during the Lutfur Rahman administration.

Although hundreds of Rabina Khan’s election leaflets have been pushed through letterboxes on the Green Bank inside the THH leaflets when Love Wapping asked the gentlemen for a leaflet in person we were only given a Tower Hamlets Home leaflet.

We asked the distributor if this was Tower Hamlets Homes and he said yes. Here’s the video:

Deja Vu

Today’s ‘unusual’ canvassing activity on the Green Bank is almost identical to the knock on the door that started ‘Greenbankgate’ in November 2013 when three ladies visited LW HQ, stated that they were from Tower Hamlets Homes, handed over an election leaflet for Lutfur Rahman and asked if there was anything the Mayor could do for us?

The gentleman distributing both Rabina Khan’s election material and THH newsletters was carrying large bundles of the distinctive yellow THH newsletters with more inside his rucksack.

Here are some nice photos of this hard working person:

Distributor holding Rabina Khan election leaflet.
Distributor holding Rabina Khan election leaflet.

The red Rabina Khan election leaflets can be clearly seen.

Distributor holding Rabina Khan election leaflets and Tower Hamlets Homes leaflets.
Distributor holding Rabina Khan election leaflets and Tower Hamlets Homes leaflets.

Here both Rabina Khan election leaflets and Tower Hamlets Homes leaflets are visible.

Distributor holding Rabina Khan election leaflets and Tower Hamlets Homes leaflets.
Distributor holding Rabina Khan election leaflets and Tower Hamlets Homes leaflets.

Again both Rabina Khan election leaflets and Tower Hamlets Homes leaflets are visible.

Distributor holding Rabina Khan election leaflets and Tower Hamlets Homes leaflets.
Distributor holding Rabina Khan election leaflets and Tower Hamlets Homes leaflets.

This young man has an awful lot of leaflets to distribute.

Update: If you do know the identity of this person please do not post this in comments on this page, instead please get in touch with us using the contact form

The two leaflets pushed through LW HQ letterbox - Rabina Khan election leaflet and Tower Hamlets Homes leaflet.
The two leaflets pushed through LW HQ letterbox – Rabina Khan election leaflet and Tower Hamlets Homes leaflet.

One inside the other – and so were the leaflets.

As LW has had more enough of this nonsense we rang 101 immediately and the Metropolitan Police Service sent a response car to Wapping within a few minutes.

After several cups of tea we then sent the Love Wapping Nasty Jobs (But Someone Has To Do It) team out to have a rummage through the recycling bins on the Green Bank and found leaflets already binned – with the Rabina Khan leaflet still inside the THH leaflet. Unread.

We also checked with other neighbours and they had also had the Rabina Khan leaflet inside the THH leaflet delivered to them.

It would seem that only THH estates in Wapping were visited today.

Will be interesting to find out who the distributor pictured above worked for.

No patience

Let’s not wait! Let’s guess! It’s more fun.

He works for Rabina Khan. Or Tower Hamlets Homes. Or both. Or another organisation – Islamic Forum Europe maybe? Their activists are the foot soldiers that Tower Hamlets First ‘party’ aka Independent whatever deploy during election campaigns. And very well organised they are too!

Or maybe Tower Hamlets Homes is used as the personal political fiefdom of Rabina Khan as it was used by Lutfur Rahman?

Need re-electing? Low on funds? Get Tower Hamlets Homes to do it – and presumably at borough ratepayers expense.

Whaddyasay Rabina?

When questioned – with any luck under caution by MPS Tower Hamlets – Rabina Khan will trot out the standard excuses for this morning’s events.

  • You are picking on me because I am a woman
  • You are picking on me because I am a Muslim
  • Your are picking on me because I am Bangladeshi
  • All of the above

Other new excuses might be:

  • The film was staged by actors
  • The Green Bank Estate does not exist
  • Tower Hamlets Homes does not exist
  • The fairies in my head told me to organise this
  • The distributor has nothing to do with me or Lutfur or Alibor

Maybe – just maybe – the DCLG, Election Commission and everyone else will realise that Tower Hamlets First will rig the upcoming re-run of the 2014 Mayoral election in exactly the same way as they did the original one.

If this is not proof of this fact what is?

All recovered THH leaflets and Rabina Khan election leaflets have been preserved for forensic analysis when collected by the Metropolitan Police.

Update 19:56 hrs 16 May 2015

We woz framed!

Phew! We can all relax, according to the tweeted response below by Cllr Olliur Rahman (Tower Hamlets First) all of this was a stitch-up.

Had us worried there for a moment.

Update 13:34 18 May 2015

All documentary evidence (the leaflets) gathered are now in possession of Metropolitan Police.


This is the response from Cllr Oliur Rahman of Tower Hamlets First.

This is the response from Cllr Oliur Rahman of Tower Hamlets First.



21 thoughts on “Rabina Khan’s election leaflets delivered inside THH newsletter

  1. You may know that I helped the Petitioners in Erlam v Rahman – this is NOT because I am a racist or Islamophobe but I am completely opposed to electoral corruption. You corrupt elections, be you white, black, Asian or anything else and I will criticise you … fair? Racists and electoral corrupters – two sides of the same anti-democratic scum – that is my opinion, and it will take a lot to change it.
    I have read the article and watched the video and have the following comments: Are people paid to distribute THH leaflets – I don’t know, but I guess so. Perhaps they are Council employees or maybe they are contractors. It seems to me that if they are distributing election leaflets at the same time that they may be ‘paid canvassers’ – employing paid canvassers is an election offence under s111 of the Representation of the People Act 1983. You should also look at Commissioner Mawrey’s judgment in Erlam v Rahman to see if/ how the former mayor and his agents broke the law in that respect. Furthermore you need to look at the Code of Practice for Councillors – if a Councillor – Ms Khan or anyone else – uses her poition as a Councillor to promote a political campaign s/he is in breach of the CoP. If you believe that any Councillor is in breach of the CoP or any Council employee is being paid for canvassing you should go to the Chief executive of the Council and the Head of Service (eg Tower Hamlets Homes) and show her/him your evidence. I have not weighed the evidence myself and, of course, there may be some quite innocent explanation (or you are mistaken).
    In any event – if you have a well-found belief that some sort of corruption is taking place you should address it to the proper authorities and, if any candidate ‘wins’ through using a corrupt or illegal practice, please do not hesitate to bring a Petition.
    best wishes
    Prof. bob Watt

  2. I like the way you put Islamic Forum Europe in the mix too. He must be. Come on he has the facial hair thing going on!

    1. Last time I checked facial hair or lack thereof has nothing to do with religious or political affiliation. Islamic Forum Europe was specifically mentioned as its relationship with Tower Hamlets First / Independent Party is well known inside the borough and should be explained to a wider audience outside the borough. Don’t you agree?

  3. …just may be the man is trying to deliver as many different leaflets at the same time to earn a bit of extra cash, no?

    …but look what you’ve done, you’ve gone ahead and wrote him off!

    nice piece of daily mail journalism!

    1. What a cracking theory! But if it is correct why is he not delivering pizza delivery and taxi cab leaflets? Why? I think we should be told.

      1. not a theory.
        you’ve made a mockery of a good man who is very kind, quiet and thoughtful.
        you’ve made him distraught. you’ve made his life hell atm.
        he has not an ounce of political agenda.
        i’m sure you’re proud of your journalism but boy you couldn’t be more wrong about this!
        if you’re truly for the community then you’ll reach out for him and hear what he has to say.

        1. So – sounds like you know the identity of the gentleman in question? And just to prove to you that I am ‘truly for the community’ I will take this opportunity to reach out to him and hear what he has to say. Please put him in touch directly using the contact form or just post a comment here. Obviously we will need some proof that it is him of course. Many thanks.

        2. Having thought about your friend I should make it clear that no-one has any interest in him as such – it is the organisation that he works for. If he could tell us that, or if he could tell you and then you post his answer here, then that would be fine. Have a think about it and talk to your friend.

  4. I contest the idea that the mayor leaflet is “inside” the housing won. My kids deliver advertising and other leaflets for a few bob. They don’t know if they are going to get one more leaflets to deliver, but if they have more than one, they put one on top of the other, then fold the lot before putting them through letter boxes. This is what I think the bloke in the film is also doing. The alternative, folding and inserting each one separately can make the round take twice as long, especially if you hundreds of addresses in your round. Of course, take one step back, this says nothing about the organisation or person who is supplying the leaflets together in the first place.

    1. I can assure you that the Rabina Khan leaflet was inside the Tower Hamlets Homes leaflet as that is how I – and many others around here – found them in their letterboxes. Either way the Metropolitan Police New Scotland Yard have the leaflets and are investigating.

  5. Well done for capturing evidence- could be useful if there is ever need for another election petition. Same leaflet was delivered to us sans Rabina’s leaflet. I am guessing if Rabina were to be elected the Commissioners would never leave.

  6. Hussein. Could you give us some details of the four thousand plus affordable houses that were built on Rabina’s watch as cabinet member for housing? Things like where they are would be a start. She refuses to answer.

  7. More like an honest piece of journalism!! The people of Tower Hamlets deserve to know the truth and are fed up with the appalling and dishonest behaviour surrounding Senior political figures in our beloved borough. Mr Hussain – surely you understand that it is totally inappropriate and wrong to be backing a corrupt councillor running for the Mayoral elections after the dreadful scandal of Tower Hamlets First party and our ex-Mayor being brought into disrepute in The High Court of Justice – haven’t you had enough of this – you must care as much as we do!? It’s a simple right and wrong issue and nothing about race or religious discrimination…….I am of ethnic minority!!

    1. Why thank you sir! Coming from you that is high praise indeed. I don’t really know what you mean by ‘In-direct discrimination’ but then its highly likely you don’t either. Pip pip!

    2. Hussein. Are you saying that the article is untrue and if you are what is your evidence?

  8. I wanted to post this to say that we are equally concerned in Bow!! As a resident in the Tredegar square conservation area – Rabina Khan’s leaflets were distributed to residents in my area 4 days before the election candidates were formally declared – it’s an outrage and corrupt propaganda with a huge machine force behind this!!!! She needs to be stopped but who do we all vote for to make sure that she is out of the race? We all need to be unified…….and there needs to be more campaigning done by the other candidates on an even bigger scale.

    1. Very interesting stuff. You need to report this to the Returning Officer and or the police.

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